Advantages Of Using Desk Booking Software

By Dzhingarov

For many organizations, desk booking offers numerous benefits. It is even beneficial for the workers. The main reasons why you should use desk booking software are the following.

Higher Utilization

Look at the office and calculate how many seats sit empty. In fact, for most businesses, the average desk utilization ratio is 38%. This makes sense since you have to deal with working from home, participating in meetings, dealing with lunchtime, and much more.

With desk booking, you can better track the number of people that use desks while devising brand new plans for the space that is unused.

Higher Productivity

In many cases, workers just settle in seats because a person is out for the duration of the day or for holiday. Moving from one desk to another is a huge problem. It is practically impossible to be sure that productivity is as high as it could be.

We should also highlight that there are differences between projects when it comes to individual needs. Then, we have to worry about external factors, like noise. This is why desk automation software is beneficial. It offers much higher productivity ratings for all projects.

Lower Costs

Because desk utilization is often poor, there are so many resources and a lot of space that remain unused. A workstation costs over $6000 for a business to operate. With this in mind, when desks are not used, they obviously lead to higher costs than what could be possible with desk booking software, which automatically reduces wasted costs.

Flexible Working Encouragement

Every single person has a unique working style. It is thus very important to offer flexible working policies and workspaces so that people can work in a better environment. Millennials are much more open to doing work in various areas. At the same time, there are different generations inside your organization. It can be very difficult to please everyone. Without an appropriate working environment, staff can become frustrated and de-motivated. As a result, employee retention is negatively impacted.

On the whole, with the use of desk booking software, you can easily identify workers and offer very flexible solutions whenever needed.