Students’ Gadgets: Make Your Life Easier

By Dzhingarov

Technology is a vital part of life, especially for students. Growing up almost entirely with technology has taught us how to access resources from all over the world at the click of the button. Yet most of the time we end up playing games and wasting time. Angry Birds made $70 million in profit exclusively from downloads!

Whilst we often waste time with our devices, here are some of the Students’ Gadgets which can help us in our daily lives.

1.The Internet

Duh, it’s the largest library in the world. You can access anything from digital communication to vaults of academic resources. Its efficiency and widespread use makes this the best gadget you’ll ever find.

2.Portable Task Scheduler 

On any phone or tablet you’ll find a calendar where you can add important events, and even associate with them with audio alerts. Using it can help you to organise your life and plan your day in the most efficient way.

3.Portable MP3 Player

Audio learning is a popular way to learn for students. Buy a portable MP3 player and you can listen to audio books, tutorials, and even any lectures you’ve recorded whenever you get a moment. Buy a pair of speakers and you can play it to your friends, as part of a collaborative study effort.

4.Noise Cancellation Headphones

When was the last time you had to deal with some idiot making too much noise whilst you’re trying to listen to something? Rather than creating confrontation, you can simply use a pair of noise cancellation headphones to drown them out. If you’re trying to listen to something in a public place, this is a lifesaver.

Image souce: Wikimedia
Image souce: Wikimedia under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.


5.Smartphone Camera

Using a combination of your smartphone camera and an app, you can take pictures of anything and add captions for yourself. With cameras becoming so advanced, you can get high quality photographs you can review later. It saves on making your own revision sheets too.

6.PC and a Laptop

Your personal computer can handle a variety of self-examination programs. Download a piece of software and you can make your own quizzes and tests. On the Internet you’ll find thousands of similar programs to download. Do some research to find out which programs are most helpful for you.

7.Mobile Phone Alarm

Alarm clocks were items found in every home. Now they’ve been supplanted by the alarm clock on your mobile phone. Navigate to your phone settings and you’ll find a section dedicated to alerts. You can set a time for when you want to be alerted, such as to wake up, and it will sound off at the appointed time.

You can customise your alarm as much as you like. Import your own custom alarm tone, select an alarm which increases in volume, and dictate how long it lasts for. Different phone models have a different selection of features.

8.Scientific Calculator

A scientific calculator is a more advanced version of the standard calculator. It’s also allowed in most exams. You can either purchase a standard scientific calculator, which is quite expensive, or you can install it virtually. Smartphones and computers have scientific calculator functions. In some cases, you might have to download a special piece of software, though.

9.Laptop Touchpad

Use your laptop touchpad to increase the efficiency of your typing. By just moving your fingers across a designated area of your laptop casing, you can control the cursor without having to move your hand away from the keys.

Some laptops have a stub instead of a touchpad. This is just a small joystick which you can use to control the cursor.

10. Tablet PDF Reader

More and more publications now appear in PDF format. The only way to get the paper version is to pay some extortionate fee for it. A tablet has its own built-in PDF reader you can use to read these documents. It’s the most efficient way of accessing these documents.

And if you want to download a specific app, you can even start editing your PDFs in any way you see fit. There are also apps to control the way you organise your PDFs on your tablet.

You can transfer them to other devices too.