Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Review

By Dzhingarov

The IT industry has never been in a better place before. New technologies emerge every day which allows us access to a wide variety of useful gadgets that help us with our daily activities. We have all become more tech wise and have discovered endless ways in which to take advantage of new devices that have interesting features to offer. If a lighter and faster tablet experience has been on your mind for a while, you have reached the perfect place. Today we will analyze the new Sony Xperia Z4 tablet that is said to offer an overall better user experience.

One of the Best Android Tablets so Far

Sony Xperia Z4 is one of the best Android tablets that has been made available for users up until now. Moreover, we can even say that it is the only gadget capable of fighting against the iPad Pro 9.7 through innovative features.

Main Pros

Just from a short analysis of this tablet we can say that its most important pros are the gorgeous display it features, its newly improved design and the serious, strong battery it comes equipped with.

Main Downsides

In terms of immediate downsides that can be observed in its case we would mention the problematic UI, the fact that it offers only a 32GB option and the expensive price tag that has been placed on it for being a new developed device.

Main Features and Overall Performance

Now that we have discovered its strongest points as well as those features that could have been even better it is time to analyze it more in detail so that we might reach a conclusion about it in terms of user experience.

First, we can honestly say that its design in comparison to previous versions makes it seem like this tablet comes from another world and not from Sony labs. However, it is their specialists that managed to take advantage of this opportunity of smashing and grabbing with a fantastic Android tablet the best way they could.

They managed to create a good product that attracts attention and which is sold a lot even if its price tag is a pretty expensive one. Looks like users are more focused on gaining access to everything that is new rather than focusing on the costs involved in the process.

Moreover, Sony Xperia Z4 is lighter than ever which is a great advantage for users. The difference between its current weight and the ones we have been accustomed so far is noticeable. Moreover, the back of the tablet does not seem or feel cheap at all, being made up of a polycarbonate material that looks great and feels more comfortable to grip than ever. It may not be as nice as the brushed metal encountered in the case of iPads but it is still a great improvement.

The slate is even thinner this time and the greatest thing about it is that it does not give you that flimsy feel. The infamous flaps we have been accustomed to are once again in play. These manage to keep the device resistant to water and dust accidents. Moreover, these also seem to be less obtrusive than in the case of previous versions.

The power button is placed on the left-hand side of the tablet and right underneath it you will find the volume rocker. What you must learn to deal with is using both hands to change the volume or turn it off because both are kind of difficult to reach.

In terms of quality and performance, we have only good things to say. You will have some fun watching videos in high-quality and on a bigger screen than in the case of the Apple alternative. Colors are beautifully reproduced and the image quality is impressive every time.

All in all, Sony Xperia Z4 is a great option for us to consider now. With a new design, improved specifications and great features comes a bigger price to pay but quality is always worth paying for.