New Gadgets Expected from Google’s Big October Event

By Dzhingarov

With the awaited event taking place this month we have considered useful to have a look at some of the most interesting gadgets that users expect from it this year. Let’s see which might attract your attention as well.

Google Pixel & Pixel XL

Looks like Google Pixel and Pixel XL have reached the top place on top of worse-kept secrets in the technology world up until now. It also seems more obvious than ever that these will be more Google owned than any previous Nexus device. It is rumored that these two will have similar specifications displayed on standard 5-inch and respectively 5.5 inch displays.

As it should be, users also expect Google Pixel and Pixel XL to feature the best, latest specs this year. We are talking about a Snapdragon 821 processor right from Qualcomm as well as a full 1080 p HD screen and 4 GB of RAM. Not bad at all!

This capacity is sufficient to power both the OS and the amazing apps made available for these two. Not to mention the 12-megapixel cameras and perfect fingerprint type of scanners included for access security. Sounds pretty much like what 2016 should be all about in terms of specs and technology.

The price will not be the bargain some users might expect. Reports so far have revealed a starting price of around $600 so not the lowest one on the market at all. However, in case these two new gadgets will manage to deliver the expected leading performance in all areas the price will be more than balancing what they have to offer.

Chromecast Ultra

Another great gadget users expect to discover during the great event is Chromecast Ultra. This new version is said to support 4K video streaming and maybe even HDR. It will somehow change the minimalist approach on TV streaming categories considered by Google so far. The starting price is not high at all being well under strong competitors like Apple TV for example. Recent studies estimated it at about $69.

The Ultra version comes as a continuation of the previous streaming approach considered by Google specialists. Tech improvements are expected in its case but not too many changes in terms of interface and content navigation because users are already accustomed to these specs. Any improvement is better than no improvement at all!

These are only two of the amazing gadgets that users cannot wait to discover this year. Let’s wait and see what might be true out of all the rumors that have circulated so far.