Sony Vaio Flip 15 Review – What Should You Know About The Hybrid?

By Dzhingarov

The Sony Vaio Flip 15 is quite an interesting hybrid that you will want to look at. After all, why would you be here if that wasn’t the case? Let us quickly go through the main features you want to know and mention others facts that may tell you whether or not you should buy.

Sony Vaio Flip

The Positives

Sony Vaio Flip 15 is slim and quite powerful. Although a hybrid, it does work really well while in laptop mode and comes to the table with high-end options.

The Negatives

When you use the Sony Vaio Flip 15 in its tablet mode, you will notice that the device does not lie flat. Also, the battery life is not as great as it should be and we have a glossy display.

The Main Thing To Remember

On the whole, the Sony Vaio Flip 15 hybrid has a great design and has an appropriate price tag but it is a lot better suited for those that will use it more as a laptop and not as a tablet.

The Flip Aspect

Just as the name implies, the Sony Vaio Flip 15 manages to gain the hybrid status through a flip of the screen. That does seem similar to the Lenovo Yoga line but without the keyboard problem we all know about. Flip solves everything by the addition of the hinge in the center on upper lids.

Just like all Sony Vaio Flip reviews highlight, the device works in a similar way to the Dell XPS 12 but is also highly similar when compared to Acer Aspire R7. Vaio Flip looks sleeker than these two models and besides the 15 inch model, it is also available in 13 and 14 inch models. However, the 15 inch model is the one that gained most of the attention.

The Highlight

We have to say that the 15.6 inch screen stands out as the Sony Vaio Flip reviews’ highlight point. We have a native resolution that is exactly as you would expect: 1920X1080 but we have to say that the image is not too colorful, bright or clear. We have an IPS screen that has off-axis viewing. We can go for a resolution upgrade option but we do not know yet if it is better than this one.

Connections, Battery And Performance

The audio is definitely good and basically all Sony Vaio models excel at it so Flip is similar. We do not have an installed optical drive and this makes it really thin. We have a full Ethernet jack added and various configurations that we can choose from. The one that you will most likely want to look at showcases the i7 1.8 GHz Intel CPU, 8 GB of RAM and 1 TB of hard drive space.

When referring to 15 inch laptops and battery life, we are usually not impressed. This is also the case with the Sony Vaio Flip 15 review. We see a battery life of around 4 hours and a half. Vizio and Apple add 2 hours more but similar model Acer Aspire R7 actually has a shorter battery life.


We do have access to big screen hybrids at the moment and it is great to see that Sony manages to do a pretty good job with the Flip 15 device. The flip mechanics are smooth enough but the tablet mode is definitely a little disappointing. You could use the device for personal use and even for some business reasons but if you are really keen on the laptop part as you need more for the tablet part, it is a very good idea to stay focused on another model.