Best Ultrabooks To Consider In 2014 When On A Budget

By Dzhingarov

Ultrabooks stand out as computers that are portable as a primary thing to consider but they also need to offer a lot of power. If you aim for portability, the best ultrabooks are always those of 14 or 15 inches while those that are larger should be considered for other purposes.

Best Budget Ultrabooks – Under $1,000

Different ultrabooks are available at this price tag. Some of them are even under $600. We can say that it can be really confusing to find something that is great if you do not know what to look for. However, you should consider the following from different manufacturers

Asus 14 And 15 Inch Ultrabooks


Asus S56
By Intel in Deutschland under CC BY-ND 2.0


  • Asus VivoBook – available for $400, $500 and $550
  • Asus S56
  • Asus V551

Asus does manage to offer the most for the associated price tags. The S56 for instance is 15.6 inches, includes Intel IvvBridge Core i3/i5 CPUs, a great keyboard and every port that you may imagine. In some places you can even find it available at $450. The resolution screen is the one that is poor but that is not really a problem since the price tag is so low.

VivoBook is quite a decent ultrabook for the money that you are about to pay. We also have a poor screen but the reality of the matter is that all the computers in this price range have this power.

Lenovo 14 and 15 Inch Ultrabooks

The IdeaPad S510P offers great value for money. Lenovo actually manages to offer a better deal when looking at the Haswell Ultrabook when compared with Asus. You pay around 600 dollars and you receive the Core i5-4200U processor, 1 TB of hard disk space, touchscreen and 6 GB of RAM. You will also really appreciate the Lenovo Keyboard, a trademark of all the models offered on the market at the moment and the battery as it offers 5 hours of work time or more.

We also have the Lenovo Flex 14 and Lenovo Flex 15 that can be considered. The entire Flex line is affordable, removes touchscreens but offers other perks you may want to look at. The simplicity of these laptops is a huge advantage and the weight is lower than the 5.7 pounds IdeaPad mentioned above.

Acer 14 And 15 Inch Ultrabooks


Acer M5
By Intel in Deutschland under CC BY-ND 2.0


The Aspire/TimelineU M5 should be considered if you are looking for affordable ultrabooks. This baby offers a lot of heat that can help you deal with apps, video content, different modern games and a whole lot more. The cost is of around $800 with a superior metal finishing. Acer M5 comes with a good Core i5 CPU, hybrid storage, the Nvidia 640M LE chip and 4 GB of RAM. The battery life is of around five hours.

You may also want to take a look at the Aspire V7, both models available on the market falling in the higher ultrabook class. V7 482PG is the model that you want to particularly look at with 8 GB of RAM, the Nvidia 750M graphics, the Intel Core i5-4200U CPU and the 500 GB hard disk storage offered. You can even upgrade it with ease and the configuration mentioned has a price tag of just around $850.


Choosing the best ultrabooks is all about information. You need to look at all the models above if you are looking for a budget item but it is also really important that you take the necessary time to basically look at other options. You never know when some prices go down or when you are faced with various different opportunities of saving money and buying a great ultrabook that should have been more expensive.