Some of the best Android game based applications

By Dzhingarov

If you had always wanted to be the proud owner of the smartest of the Smartphones, and if you had been wanting to get the best of the Android gaming applications, you can have some now. With time even better and cool gaming applications are getting introduced. In order to play, you will simply be required to download the ones you take a liking too. Some may be available for free while some others may cost you a few dollars.


Best gaming applications

Below is the list of some of the best gaming applications available:


1.The Angry Birds Star Wars – This is more of a serious and mercenary version of the so popular Angry Birds application. The standard play involving the birds and the pigs has been taken to the next level on the basis of the Star Wars sequences.

2.Arcane Legends – In this, you get to war in fantasy battles. The best or rather the strongest factor of this application is that you can download and play this game both on your Smartphone and the web browser. The battle sequences are brisk and yet needs high level of battling. A very sweet part unique to this game is that you get dogs and cats as the robust pets that help you in your battles.

3.Fruit Ninja – This is perfect for honing up your sword skills at the most, as you would be required to slice up fruits as a shadow warrior. Interesting, isn’t it! This is more of a straightforward game, where the fruit bounces back onto the screen for you to slice it up.

4.Muffin Knight – Extraordinary and confusing a name, is not it? Here you will have to help the hero, or rather the Knight recover some magical muffins, against the backdrop of a fairytale plot. The Knight may have by mistake scattered the muffins, and you will have to help him in gathering those back. There will be numerous beastly and foul creatures trying to stop you from doing that. However, if you can help the Knight get back one by one, he transforms into a better and even the best of the combatants ever!

5.Crazy Cow – Did you ever imagine that cows can fly! In the world of Crazy Cow, the cows do indeed fly. In this game, you will have to help the Crazy Cow collect some tasty cherries, and also help it to fly through labyrinths of hay bundles.

6.Choozak – Here the hero is an egg with a helmet named choozak. Here, you will have to help choozak find the way to its nest. On the way there will be various perils and contemptible evils, warring to stop the egg from reaching his destination. There also is a timer. Here, you are almost the God who will have to sue power in order to change the path of the egg simply by adding some portals or planks, or adding some bombs, to help him reach his nest.

7.Tap Shoot Zombie – This is more of a simpler form of game where you will be required to tap so as to shoot a zombie. As you shoot a zombie, you earn points, and as you collect more and more points, you get to unlock a greater number of upgraded guns.


These are not the only ones as there are numerous other games in the list, like those of the eMeditate Lite, Rescue Roby, Duck Retro Hunt, Easy Spanish, Triple Town, Modern Combat Four and so on.