LG G5 vs ZTE Axon 7

By Dzhingarov

ZTE and LG are renowned for the phones they make but we need to acknowledge the fact that they are still outpaced in terms of quality by the competition. We are now comparing the LG G5 and the ZTE Axon 7 as they are normally considered by the same buyers. Basically, if you are looking for something in this segment, which one should you choose? Look at the facts mentioned below to find out.

Design And Quality

Both these smartphones are made out of quality metal and people enjoy the finish. However, when considering design, the ZTE Axon 7 has the edge as the build quality is just higher. LG G5 stands out as a little hollow. We can say that the build quality difference appears because of the modular design of the LG model, which simply feels less premium when compared with the traditional metal finish.


The display of the ZTE Axon 7 is a little larger, by 0.2 inches. Both models have QHD and from regular distance it is hard to figure out which one is better. From a technical point of view, G5 is superior but Axon’s display screen utilizes AMOLED. This is superior to the G5 Super LCD. We have better viewing angles in the Axon 7 but on the whole, both of the displays are impressive.


LG G5 is quite easy to navigate through but it is scaled back when compared to the UI by G4. As a power user you will not like the lower versatility of the software. LG G5 has a streamlined experience that is superior to what the manufacturer offered in the past. Bloatware is lacking so the user interface is more appealing. ZTE Axon 7 uses the customized software experience of last year, with stock-like elements. The choice between the two normally relies on specific needs.


Both smartphones offer the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 CPU. These are high-end smartphones with 4 GB of RAM. Whenever you do basic stacks you will find it that both devices offer around the same speed. However, The ZTE Axon 7 also offers a 6 GB RAM model. This is better for those needing multi-tasking or heavy processing. The smartphones both include many hardware features like fingerprint sensors and expandable storage. LG G5 does stand out a little because of the removable battery.


In these modern times the camera is really important. The LG G5 camera is quite good, with the main one being 16 MP and the secondary camera being 8 MP. There are some extra fixtures available that are not available in ZTE Axon 7’s camera but there is a rear shooter with 20 MP available. Surely this is a camera that is great for absolutely everyone but full reviews are not available at the moment so it is hard to compare them. However, ZTE Axon 7 should be more than OK.


LG G5 is available for quite some time. Although you may think that it is underwhelming, the smartphone is quite powerful with a modular design that is unique. ZTE Axon 7 does need some time to gain popularity among people but it is sure to end up being really high. At the end of the day the choice will be subjective but both models are really good.