Latest Apple MacBook Air 11-inch MD223HN/A Features Review

By Dzhingarov

The new sleekest, smartest, lightweight and top quality Apple MacBook Air 11-inch MD223HN/A is a perfect choice for those who want a powerful and robust device to serve their purpose. Apple is known for producing renowned and useful products that are technologically advanced and gives immense satisfaction to the user. The Apple laptop showcases it absolutely and giving a tough competition to its rivals. The 11 inch notebook has a compact body where it performance is undoubtedly amazing. Though there are a few cons for the product but the overall look and performance of the product is simply dominating.


Apple MacBook Air 11-inch MD223HN/A
By Julien GONG Min under CC BY 2.0


The product has received some commendable reviews in terms of performance, display and feel. It is an incompetent gadget which offers the users a great experience while browsing or doing more than basic computing. Though a lot of things cannot be loaded on it. The evolving technology is manifested through this unique and powerful Apple laptop which is simply excellent. As cyber crimes are increasing, the device is perfect for offering a secure system that won’t let intruders to hack your device.

Design and build :

The Apple MacBook Air 11-inch is empowering and ultra portable as well. The screen of the laptop is bright and display is simply awesome. The complete body of this apple laptop is qualitative. The rich colors of the display attract the user to work on it for a long time. The multi touch track pad makes it convenient for the user to work easily and the backlit keyboard, gives the pleasure of working at night easily to the user in case the room is dark. The light on the apple top is bright enough for the user to work on it smoothly. The 720p camera which lies on the tops has been praised for superior quality and accuracy. The large 13.3’’ LCD looks extremely great and makes working quite interesting. One can watch videos, browse through the internet and play games on it very easily.

Battery life and performance :

The battery life and performance of Apple MacBook Air 11-inch MD223HN/A is quite efficient. There is a standard memory of 4 GB RAM. The one con related to performance is that the sophisticated tasks of multimedia editing and mixing is difficult to be thrown on it and the battery life is also good. The processor performance is good and it gives a speed of  1.7GHz.

Some pros and cons in detail :

The Apple notebook is good for those who want a little more than basic computing. Under normal conditions the battery life offered is 4.5 to 5 hours and the innovative technology helps you to share a DVD drive from network computers. The possible cons in Apple MacBook Air 11-inch MD223HN/A are, there is no inbuilt Ethernet support so the device can be connected wirelessly only. The battery can be changed only by a certified Apple technician and as the machine has a thin case, one cannot expect larger hard drive. The three connectors are only available in the device which are, headphone jack, USB port and for connecting the external display there is just a mini DVI port.

The price of the Apple MacBook Air 11-inch MD223HN/A is also a bit high, somewhere about INR 65,400 and if one wants a fair deal then he or she can use the discounted coupons or offers. Even though the device lacks some of the features, it has been acknowledged worldwide for its superb service and elegant appearance. While working with multiple windows the device won’t hang or give you troubles. So, you can read more about the pros and cons of the device in detail and make a suitable purchase.