What Should You Know About The New IPhone 6 And IPhone 6 Plus?

By Adrian Cruce

Everyone talks about the new iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus but most of the articles you will find online are so technical and filled with information. We decided to stay focused on the really important things so that you can decide whether or not you should buy the new iPhone 6. At the end of the day, this is what counts the most.

The Good And The Bad

iphone 6

The new Apple smartphones have improved WiFi speed, LTE, a crisp and larger display, a better autofocus for the camera, maximum storage capacity of 128 GB and the upcoming Apple Pay. These are all positives. The negatives are found in the battery life that is not as strong as in the past and the fact that we have Android phones that have better features, with a clear lack of optical image stabilization in the iPhone 6 Plus as compared to the competition. On the whole, the iPhone 6 offers a larger screen and better handling, with interesting features that will satisfy most users. The promise of the Apple Pay is what can easily sweeten the deal in the future.

iPhone 6 VS iPhone 6 Plus

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This year we see the first ever launch of 2 smartphones by Apple. They are quite similar so choosing between them is difficult. The iPhone 6 offers basically all the iPhone 6 Plus features, except some that will only be important to a limited number of buyers. The iPhone 6 feels great in your hands and when referring strictly to the differences, we see a better display resolution in the 6 Plus, optical image stabilization and a display that can run more applications in landscape mode, featuring split-screen effects just like in the iPad.


iphone 6 camera

Nowadays we see yearly camera upgrades in smartphones, a feature that is of great importance for many buyers. The 2014 upgrade is highly visible when referring to autofocus. The iSight camera includes the exact same megapixel count and even the same flash as in the past year but autofocus is much better. The camera of the iPhone 6 is not a huge leap, as the move from 5 to 5S was. However, it is much better. You will notice the difference when you will take a larger panorama shot, shoot video or when taking selfies.

The Apple Pay Promise

apple pay

The huge prospect that Apple brings to the table is obviously Apple Pay. The NFC mobile wallet technology tries to legitimize the actions that smartphones can make and it tries to offer a security problem solution that has been requested for a long time. Apple Pay will incorporate the possibility of basically paying everything you want with your phone in the future. However, it will only become available in US in the month of October. Until then we cannot say anything about the way in which it will work. The NFC chips included in the new iPhones seem to only work with Apple Pay.

In the event that Apple Pay manages to become a really great, revolutionary and influential system like some specialists believe, the quality of the iPhone 6 will grow substantially. Combine that with the fingerprint sensor and you will be faced with a solution that can change the way we shop online. Most likely, this is exactly what Apple bets on.


The brand new iPhone 6 is basically a screen upgrade that is overdue and a feature boost. It can be considered a great upgrade for every single iPhone 5 owner. It is what an Android phone enthusiast would consider and the Apple Pay addition is what can change the balance, having the potential of being the most important of all advancements made in the past years.