With the passage of time, people are getting busier as their daily chores are increasing along with the unavoidable activities. Their online and real-life social circles keep them swamped. People have made themselves so much used to being engaged in a certain activity that they find it nearly impossible to sit idle when they have nothing to do.

The ideal solution for this scenario is to break the monotonous life with handy games or self-interacting applications. This way, a person always has something to do to kill the time and interestingly, all of it is just a tap away.

The Use of Popular Applications

android apps

The use of applications has been significantly widened with the most popular software i.e. Android. It has allowed users to download an app of whatever genre as per their requirements, likes, and/or needs. However, most of the apps being heavily downloaded are games. It is ironic that such a great source is not being used adequately. Android has the constructive tendency to provide knowledge, awareness and brain-training to people but sadly, a huge number of them do not use it for these purposes.

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There are a number of applications that can bring considerable changes to the productivity of their users’ minds. Intelligently designed apps that provide the brain a chance to be active are marked as healthy by psychologists. Given below are the descriptions of the top 3 brain improving applications.



Lumosity is packed with fun activities to test the brain standard by standard. It is designed in a classified way, having sessions of three games that focus directly on ways in which to improve the focus power. A few most effective aspects of the mind are improvised with this app i.e. the memory, speed of processing, activeness of the mind, decision making ability and the problem-solving skills.

It is designed with the most effective levels, additionally pressurizing the users with a clock. Developers claim that merely one properly taken session a day can improve mental skills significantly. What makes it even more interesting for the people is that it allows multiple friends to record their progress and compare it among them.

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World of Goo

World of Goo

World of Goothe name reflects an extremely childish image of the app. Yet when played, the real challenge is revealed. This trait does not label the app as “one of the best”; it is the architecture tactics it has to teach. Ignoring its extra animated imagery, the game is great when you want to understand the balance in structures. Moreover it teaches how the randomly crafted objects can be used together so as to form a rationally balanced structure.



Happify is another amazing app that trains the mind to be positive and much more intuitive. Research shows that certain activities are able to change one’s way of thinking completely. Happify targets these points, giving people a chance to play a game while they improve their brains unknowingly. The polls and interesting quizzes in the app synced with a positive community, enables the person to feel more secure and ultimately happier.


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