HTC One (M8) VS iPhone 5S – Which Smartphone Should You Buy?

By Dzhingarov

When it comes to smartphone design, Apple is definitely the one company that manages to always get on top. The only one that can really challenge the iPhone 5S from this point of view is HTC and its One (M8) model. These smartphones are definitely beauitufl but we need to also look at specs and features in order to see which one should be bought. This is a lot more difficult to decide since there are many Apple die-hard fans that will always go for the iPhone model.

htc one iphone 5s

Size And Dimensions

The HTC One is definitely a lot larger, 18% longer, 24% thicker and 20% wider. This is on par with other Android phones. The iPhone 5S does not try to get larger. It is smaller and lighter than HTC’s model by 48 grams.

Both smartphones are made out of aluminum and have a finish that is stunning. HTC One (M8) comes in 3 color variations: silver, gold and gun metal. IPhones are available in space gray, silver and gold.


The huge visible difference is obvious when we look at screen size. HTC gives access to 56% more screen (5”). The iPhone 5S only manages to give you access to 4”. This smaller screen size is surely one that people took into account because iPhone sales did go down as opposed to other models.

HTC comes to the table with a sharper screen. The Retina Display included in the iPhone is good enough for human eyes to differentiate individual pixels. However, the images are much more razor-sharp when looking at smartphones with 1080p.

A strong selling point can be found in the fingerprint reader included in iPhone 5S. The HTC One (M8) comes to the table with Motion Launch.


A lot of people buy a smartphone because of the fact that they want to have a really good camera together with other touchscreen features. The cameras of these two models are quite interesting. iPhones have 1 more megapixel but One offers “UltraPixels”. This feature gives access to better photographs when faced with lower lighting.


Both smartphones use microSD. The iPhone 5S gives access to one extra option in the possibility to add a 64 GB card. The HTC One can only go as high as 32 GB.


At first glance, the HTC One (M8) might seem like a smartphone that has a stronger processor thanks to the Snapdragon 801. However, the A7 64-bit system-on-a-chip offered by iPhone 5S and the dual core 1.3 GHz processor is a lot better. Even if both smartphones are really fast, the iPhone is a little faster. However, this is not a big concern since speed is higher than it would be needed in the near future based on developed apps.


Both the HTC One (M8) and iPhone 5S cost around $650. It is quite obvious that the HTC One is now stronger but it is a smartphone that was just launched, in March 2014. By the end of the year we will surely have improvements in the iPhone line. With this in mind, do not hurry yet in buying your new One.