How Technology Can Help You Deal With Self-Isolation

By Adrian Cruce

With all the tragedy happening in the world because of COVID-19, millions stay at home in isolation, waiting for things to get back to normal. You cannot get out of the house so slowly but surely you end up bored. Unfortunately, this is just the start. This can get very chaotic and stress can easily reach the level at which you just want to pull your hair out.

Fortunately, self-isolation does not have to be horrible. Technology can be used to make your time at home better. So, install the best apps on your Windows PC or charge the battery of your smartphone to stop being bored by trying out these suggestions.

Start An Online Hangout

Now is a great time to take advantage of all the online tools that put people in touch. This includes Skype, Google Hangout and even FaceTime. Just pick a time and then connect with your friends. Make sure that you grab some wine and you can all catch up and have a lot of fun.

Play Some Games

This one should be pretty self-explanatory. It is a great time to play some video games to relax. We already wrote about some very good ones that you can enjoy in self-isolation here. Obviously, many others exist.

You can now use your PS or Xbox to connect with millions of players from around the world. Your PC is also a great way to connect, especially given the countless games on Steam that are available for free or for a very low price.

Join A Virtual Tour

Because of the fact that museums, cinemas, theatres and such locations are closed, nobody can visit them. Fortunately, many great institutions from the top cultural cities of the world started to offer virtual tours, usually for free. For instance, you can now visit Mark Twain’s house online through a virtual tour, all for free.

Do you want to watch a play? Maybe you want to see an opera concert. All of these and more are available online.

Read A Book

You can definitely read a book from your library and buy some new ones online to be delivered to your home, but you can also choose the digital option. Many sites allow you to do this for free, like Many Books, Open Library and Novel Free Read Online. There are even more from where you can buy digital versions of literally all bestsellers, with Amazon being the obvious number one on the list.

Learn Something New

Sine you spend so much time at home, why not learn something new? Have you always wanted to learn how to use design software? You can do it for free through YouTube clips and the use of Photoshop alternatives. Did you ever want to learn to code? Did you want to learn a foreign language? No matter what you want to learn, there is a very good chance that you can do it right now.

There are even renowned universities that now offer free online courses, like Harvard University. Look for online courses and you will get that extra education you need to get a better job or switch careers after the coronavirus pandemic is over.