Highly Useful Android Apps For Visually Impaired People

By Adrian Cruce

Highly Useful Android Apps For Visually Impaired People

Visually impaired and blind people often get help from Braille, walking sticks, guide dogs, reading glasses and so more. However, when it comes to digital accessories and devices, not many options are available. Fortunately, app developers realized the fact that such applications are needed and now we have different really useful apps for visually impaired and blind people.

The apps below are just some that can be mentioned. They are definitely among the best, are useful and will make life better for those that need them.

Google Talkback

Google Talkback is pretty useful as it allows the user to easily interact with the smartphone. It is practically an app that has to be installed on any smartphone used by visually impaired and blind people.

The way in which it works is really simple. Whenever you click or touch an icon, the app speaks it out so you hear it. Users instantly know what actions are performed. This is necessary and made simple with Google Talkback.


Just as the name implies, this app will transform the smartphone into a magnifier. This allows you to easily enlarge small fonts that appear on newspapers, books, bills and so on. Obviously, you cannot use it if you are blind but if visually impaired, it is very useful.

Besides magnifying, the app also includes a flashlight that can be very useful when light is low and you need to read something. Basic onscreen gestures like double-tapping in order to zoom in are supported.


This free Android app was built for visually impaired and blind people. Those that are visually impaired are helped to navigate, explore and be aware of their location. They can easily find some places of interest to go to, evaluate their surroundings and even read small printed text.

One of the most interesting features of the Eye-D app is that it can read text for the user. Also, the Around Me feature lets you know about nearby locations and places if you end up stuck in a location you do not really know.

Be My Eyes

This is one of the most interesting apps on this list of great apps for those that are visually impaired or blind. It simply allows people to lend their eyes to those that are blind through starting a live video feed. A sighted users network can also assist the user.

When you use the app, you can request help from a volunteer. The volunteer gets a notification. When a sighted user accepts a help request, the audio-video live connection happens. Sighted helpers assist visually impaired or blind people by simply looking at the video that is shared through the rear camera.

IDEAL Accessible App Installer

The app allows the user to quickly install different applications that are useful, entertaining, educational and accessible for practically everyone. There is a special package for visually impaired and blind people so that mobile phone operation becomes simple. The all-in-one installer will add SoundBack, KickBack and TalkBack to the smartphone.

All the apps above are very useful for people that are visually impaired and will make their life easier.