Guide for Search Option on Website and Mobile

By Dzhingarov

Nowadays most tech savvy people browse Internet on the move. Even if they have desktop at office, laptop at home for all such convenience, they check their mails, chat on the way, through their smartphones. Smartphones with high speed internet connectivity are very important. People prefer to save time by reading news items etc. from their smartphone, though the same can be done from a desktop or laptop.

But, in terms of website development, it matters most, from where the site will be opened, is it from a desktop or from a mobile. Accordingly several fine tunings’ are done. There also some definite rules in order to make a website ready for the mobile plus its search features so that anyone from smartphone does not have any kind of difficulties in order to browse the searched results and developers need to be very careful during cross platform mobile application development. Some of those points are:


Important Details First

It’s peoples’ psychology to browse the initial part of anything. If it fits then only he extends the reading. Same goes for mobile. The startup of any content is the most vital part to keep a person hooked to that article. People have to scroll down in order to see the details but a few people actually do so. So a compact content as advised by the Search Engine Optimizers is very much desirable to find anything from mobile.


To the point content

People move from one site to another very fast, sometimes without noticing what is being displayed on the screen. This impatience condition ultimately harms the organization as their content is not read out. So, the content must be very specific, to the point, well fitted to the arena and so on.


symbol for searching on the internet
By Jeffrey Beall under CC BY-ND 2.0

More Web Pages

It has been observed that if a website is divided into multiple pages of separate headings, then per page browsing rate increase. Multiple pages with diversified content are much more acceptable to the users than a single page with all sorts of contents stuffed in it.


Keywords in Multiple Pages

Same like above, the keywords must be spread in pages so that one has to read the entire document to get any information. This is an art to keep keywords for the right pages so that people will stick in those and they will naturally read those parts.


Effective Tags

A long word as a tag is not recommended while one searches for a particular item. Small but related search words are meant to be created for such operation. It’s easier to search, faster to open and correct to provide the result.


Light Pages

The pages must be very light in order to open in browser of smartphones. It is to keep in mind that a smartphone is neither a desktop nor a laptop. Within its limited capability, it has to feed certain things that will help to execute any kind of operation smoothly. Everyone won’t have a 3G or 4G connection, so the network can be on the slower side, so while opening a page all these options have to be kept in mind.

Thus, a brief light can be thrown regarding the mobile search factor in the smartphones. Still there are lots of feature left and one can only understand after repeated use of it. The primary part is to display the company in the top search list and once it has been done, then there is no looking back. Websites, keywords all are bound to be displayed in your smartphone and you will start enjoying it.


By Sandeep Aegis