Google Pixel C Review

By Adrian Cruce

The Google Pixel C features a decent keyboard, a sharp screen, robust design and killer battery and performance but it does not have optimized apps, is expensive and there is no touchpad. As the tablet was released it stood out as one of the few running Android that was worth purchasing. We reached 2017 and this statement is still true in many regards since no real premium tablets running Android are available. Google Pixel C did manage to age very well and Android Nougat as an addition did drastically improve tablet user experience, especially thanks to the split window mode.

Google Pixel C instantly stands out as a great option for those that want to work or use the internet while traveling. It is better than a laptop in many situations. We have a really good battery life even when two apps are open at the same time. This is very useful for work. Now, thanks to the new Android, Pixel C feels a lot like a hybrid gadget.

Simple Facts About Google Pixel C

Pixel C is officially marketed as “the most advanced Android tablet”. It does feature really good hardware. This includes the Nvidia X1 CPU, a 10.2 inch ultra sharp screen and the latch-free mechanism for docking so a keyboard cover can be added.

One of the reasons why Google Pixel C is now so popular is that Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro are not direct competitors. Android users that simply love Android will need to focus on Pixel C as one of the very best options on the market.


Comparing the Pixel C with the Nexus 9 is not something you want to do as Pixel C instantly wins. It features a modern minimalist metal frame and the tablet weighs just a little over 500 grams. You will find the tablet really easy to hold and comfortable. The feel is premium and do not worry too much about how resistant Google’s Pixel C is since it will withstand some blows.

The optional keyboard will cost you extra but it is really good. While keys do feel a little cramped, this is unavoidable given the size of the tablet.


The display is 10.2 inches, a small convertible on the market and if you want something larger, you will need to look for something else. However, when referring to display quality, Google Pixel C is definitely wonderful. The resolution is 2560 X 1800 and you get 308 ppi. Everything is sharp and you will not have problems reading what you see on the screen. The colors are not too cool or overcooked and the maximum brightness possible is definitely strong.


Besides what was already mentioned, we should say that Pixel C includes 3 GB of DDR4 memory and a Maxwell GPU. This is actually stronger than most computers used in homes today. Nexus 9 and Galaxy Tab S2 will have lower performance than this tablet. Most applications are going to open in a few milliseconds and the current 3D games available on the market will be run without any problems.

When talking about performance we have to discuss the battery. While most of the Android tablets will have a bad battery life when compared with Apple devices, The Pixel C does manage to hold its own and does much better than expected.

When looking at the camera everything is as you would expect from a tablet: nothing special. It does get the job done with the 8 MP rear camera and the auto mode is good enough but if you want to take really good pictures, you will need something else.


On the whole, the Google Pixel C is truly a marvel that is outclassing the other tablets running Android on the market, especially when referring to battery life and processing power. If you are looking for a smaller tablet that is doubling as a great small laptop, this is definitely a really good buy.