Best Used Samsung Phones

By Dzhingarov

Samsung phones are well-crafted devices with lasting value, so buying used is often an excellent value proposition. Refurbished models available from an official reseller come with quality checks and warranties that ensure maximum protection for both parties involved.

Not as powerful as its Galaxy S20 Plus counterpart, yet still an excellent value proposition with its large display and long battery life.

Galaxy S20

Not the latest flagship, but still an affordable Samsung Galaxy phone option, the S7 edge provides reliable performance at an attractive price point. 5G ready, its massive 4,000 milliamp-hour battery allows long life usage. In addition, this model features a central hole-punch cutout for its front camera as well as more rounded curves than its S10 sibling.

the Galaxy S20’s competitively priced against Google Pixel 5, Apple iPhone 12 and other modern phones, such as Goldilocks’ three bears. As Goldilocks would say: it is “just right”. Its fast processing hardware, great design and plenty of power make it ideal for all of your favorite things; including supporting visually impaired individuals through voice-activated screen reader technology as well as display and camera visibility enhancements for greater visual accessibility. Unfortunately there’s no 3.5mm headphone jack; but most can find wireless headphones they prefer.

Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is its counterpart to Apple’s 6.1-inch $749 iPhone XR, featuring an all-new Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and unique features like dual-lens rear camera and Samsung One UI that cannot be found on cheaper iPhone devices.

Its classic yet sophisticated aesthetic makes it stand out in an overcrowded market of phones with curved displays and glass backs, and is comfortable to hold for extended use. Plus, the quality construction ensures reliable performance!

This fingerprint reader features an unusual hole-punch display, which does not scan as quickly as an optical fingerprint scanner, yet still manages to unlock quickly and reliably. Plus, its waterproof construction works when your fingers are wet or cold making it an excellent solution for people living in rainy climates and it is the only model in its series supporting wireless charging!

Galaxy S9

One of the key advantages of purchasing used Samsung smartphones is that after their new models hit stores, there may be significant price cuts on those already released – particularly flagship models released within just a year or two of launch.

The Galaxy S9 is an excellent example. Although it resembles its predecessor, the S8, there are numerous upgrades which make it worth considering.

Both the S9 and S9 Plus come equipped with Super AMOLED displays that are tall, thin, notch-free. Furthermore, both feature fingerprint sensors beneath two cameras to reduce accidental camera taps on your display screen. They are powered by Qualcomm’s high-performance Snapdragon 845 processor for smooth app and mobile website operation.

Galaxy Note 9

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 Android phone is their premium offering. Fast, brimming with more storage than even passionate photo takers or gamers could ever exhaust, it comes equipped with an S Pen stylus which doubles as both stylus and remote controller.

This year’s model looks almost identical to last year’s, though with minor modifications – such as taller and wider dimensions and an updated S Pen which features new functionality – which make for some subtle but noticeable differences.

Refurbished Samsung smartphones are an eco-friendly solution. Not only will you save money by purchasing one second-hand, but by doing so you’re keeping one phone out of landfills and giving it another life for someone else to appreciate – something we all support as green shoppers.

Galaxy S8

As people upgrade to newer phones, used Samsung models become available at more reasonable prices – giving consumers an excellent opportunity to score a great phone at an even more budget-friendly cost.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is an outstanding example of bezel-free design done correctly, fitting its large display into what seems like a compact frame and featuring an eye-catching curved back to make it appear sleeker than almost every other Android phone.

Its Snapdragon 835 processor is swift as well, outshone by both Mate 9 (9% faster in our writing test) and S7 (Snapdragon 820).

It also boasts an extremely powerful battery that lasts an entire day of use and supports gigabit LTE and Wi-Fi networks, along with excellent cameras that captured detailed photographs under different lighting conditions during our tests.

Galaxy S7

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is an impressive Android phone that’s worth considering at a substantial discount. The design remains similar to last year’s flagship and both variants look sleek in your hand; Samsung also revamped its software to reduce bloatware and make the experience more intuitive.

Back Market’s prices on used Galaxy S7s are much more reasonable than what carriers or big box stores would charge, making Back Market an excellent resource to purchase one at an incredible discount.

Used phones are more cost-effective and help the environment by giving older devices another lifecycle. Keep in mind, however, that unlike Nexus models you might not receive timely Android updates; updates may take six months to arrive on certain models.

Galaxy S6

The Samsung S6 is an ideal used Android phone to purchase, with an exceptional display, camera capabilities and stylish design. The phone boasts an astonishingly high 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display (2560×1440) that provides an outstanding viewing experience despite any criticism of AMOLED screens in general.

Its appearance and feel are more similar to an iPhone than most recent Samsung phones, featuring a metal shroud surrounding the cameras on the back and an ergonomic round face. Thinner and lighter than its chubbier predecessor, S5, it can easily fit in one hand without feeling awkward or sliding off its edges.

Samsung’s home button doubles as a fingerprint scanner and offers long-life battery and water, dust, and scuff resistance. Plus, with four years of software updates and five of security for added peace of mind.

Galaxy S5

Samsung’s Galaxy S5 smartphone is one of the premier smartphones currently on the market, boasting an outstanding camera, vivid and colorful display and powerful processor. Furthermore, there are additional features such as S Health and an Ultra Power Saving Mode which help make this premium device even more desirable.

Notable among its features is its heart rate monitor, which uses a sensor on the back of the phone to track your pulse rate and measure your heartbeat. This feature is especially helpful for individuals seeking to improve their health through regular physical activity.

Used Galaxy S5 smartphones make an ideal choice if you’re in the market for a premium phone that takes stunning photos and performs exceptionally well across various situations. Furthermore, their proximity to Galaxy Gear smartwatches makes voice command functionality convenient.

Galaxy S4

Though it can be tempting to purchase the latest and greatest flagship smartphone, their high price tags often make more cost-effective choices more viable. Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is an excellent example, providing similar performance and features at a reduced cost than newer devices.

It resembles its predecessor, the Galaxy S III, yet features a slimmer chassis which makes it easier for users to hold.

Samsung’s Note 3 also stands out from the competition thanks to some unique software innovations, including their groundbreaking “Air” functionality which turns your finger into a stylus without making direct contact with the screen – an idea which other manufacturers have since adopted into their devices.

Galaxy S3

If you love the aesthetic and functionality of Samsung phones but can’t justify their higher price tags, the Galaxy S3 may be for you. It features an amazing screen, long battery life and can accommodate a stylus; plus you’ll get security updates through 2027!

Samsung’s Galaxy J3 Note is both durable and slim, making it comfortable to hold. Although its 4.8-inch 720p screen is larger than most phones on the market, its pebble design and light chassis ensure it does not feel bulky or large in your palm.

At launch, it ran Android Ice Cream Sandwich and utilized Samsung TouchWiz interface. Longtime S2 owners shouldn’t experience too many difficulties navigating this interface while newcomers will need time to become acquainted with Samsung’s ways. Furthermore, this model also comes equipped with microSD slot.