Best Smartphones For Low Light Photography For Budget Buyers

By Adrian Cruce

There are so many situations in which you are faced with a low light environment and you do want to immortalize a moment. For instance, you can be at a friend’s wedding reception, inside a bar, a restaurant or at a concert. Wherever there are walls, a roof and lighting is not that great, you need to focus on smartphones that are especially created for that. Photos can easily end up faced with fuzzy figures and blurred lines when there is low light and you do not have a good camera.

The problem is that too many articles that talk about photography will be highly complicated. Most people will not understand much about it. We need to acknowledge the fact that we are always going to have to prefer regular cameras to the smartphones. Your phone is never going to be able to offer those high resolution pictures that you surely want in many situations.

In order to get a really good photograph in a low light environment, you will want to try to keep it as immobile as possible. Also, if you use your phone, you will need a phone that has been proven to offer high quality photographs in such situations. This brings us to the main topic at hand.

The best smartphones for taking pictures when faced with low light environment are definitely the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the LG G4. Both of these smartphones offer 16 MP rear cameras and the highly valuable optical image stabilization feature. That is crucial in taking photographs in low light situations as you get shaper and clearer pictures even when you find yourself with a hand that keeps moving.


LG G4 does include laser guided autofocus. This feature is important as it improves clarity. You also have HDR mode, which will brighten shots based on various possible exposures. You have access to F/1.8 aperture lens and thus game more light in the sensor of te camera.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 includes many interesting pro settings so that the picture can be really great. Combine that with HDR and do not forget to turn the feature on so that you can end up with the shot that you want.

Use these smarpthones and you will be able to get the best possible camera based photographs in situations in which the light is not that great. Do not be afraid of the dark, take out the camera and have fun with the gadget that you have in your pocket.