Best iOS Apps Musicians Will Love Using

By Adrian Cruce

There are many options that are available for the musicians that have an iOS device and want to use it in order to improve their musical journey while on the go. Some allow you to become a DJ while others help you to calibrate your instruments. No matter what kind of a musician you have, the following best iOS apps for musicians will surely be attractive, at least some of them.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD – Free App

Ultimate Guitar Tabs HD

This great little app offers access to an impressive 800,000 chords and tabs and the number is growing. You are faced with a great tool to help you learn how to play solos and riffs in quite an interactive environment. All the items can be accessed offline. To make matters even more interesting, the app includes a metronome and a tuner to complete everything.

DJay 2 – $9.99

DJay 2

You can so easily use this app in order to scratch at a party without actually having scratching equipment. That is the idea behind djay 2. It is integrated in the iTunes library and your Spotify account. This means that you can so easily record mixes while on-the-go, include samples from many artists and quickly add audio effects if you want to. DJ MIDI controller support is included for the pro DJ.

Songsterr Tabs & Chords – Free

Songsterr Tabs & Chords

This app comes with a subscription based service, although it is free. Through Songsterr you can gain access to over 500,000 drum, bass and guitar chords and tabs. It is available for various ability levels, making it really easy for all users to learn and play. You will never be rushed into learning since you can go at half speed so learning is much easier.

GarageBand – $4.99


GarageBand is quite advertised when looking at Apple ads. There is a clear reason for that. This is an app that is very effective for those that want to create music. The iOS device is basically turned into a pretty good recording studio. You can use the app to play an organ, the guitar, drums and a piano. Instantly recording performances is possible through support of up to 32 tracks at the same time. That makes the app perfect for every single ability level.

Songwriter’s Pad- $9.99

Songwriter’s Pad

This is an app that is pretty useful for those of you that are faced with a songwriter’s block since the app allows you to generate ideas as you are stuck. Emotion based words and phrase generators are utilized to come up with various ideas. Rhyming dictionaries are included in order to help you do everything properly. Chords can be included.

Tenuto – $3.99


Tenuto includes so many different exercises that help the user to learn more about music. The exercises are customizable. Tenuto will aid you to learn how to recognize chords by using your ear, no matter the used instrument. Musical calculators are included so you basically have a great introduction into music theory.

Tempo – $2.99


Tempo is labeled as the most accurate of all the metronomes you can download from the App Store. There are 35 time signatures included, together with 6 rhythm patterns for the simple meters and even 3 for the compound meters. You can be on track and setting up new presets is possible.