Best Graphics Software

By Dzhingarov

No matter if it is for editing photos for an online store or creating banners to advertise women’s clothes brands on social networks, good software can provide invaluable assistance. Be sure to select an intuitive program which gives you ample opportunity for creativity while meeting the needs of your target audience.

Affinity Photo

If you are familiar with Photoshop, Affinity Photo offers all of the same features. From detailed selections and complex layer masking, to warping and transformation of parts of an image and applying filters and adjustments using its history panel – everything that was expected can be found here! Additionally, this software supports all major raw photo file types.

Affinity Photo is a non-destructive program, so changes can always be undone. Additionally, Affinity Photo comes equipped with brushes, filters, and other tools that make color manipulation simple – from brushes and filters to hue range masks that allow selective changes of hue range – making this ideal for astrophotography and landscape photography.

HDR merging is another wonderful feature that allows you to take multiple exposures of one scene and combine them into a single photo, making the photo much more realistic and dynamic. Unfortunately, however, this feature may require extensive resources.

This app’s layout and interface is user-friendly, less intimidating than Photoshop’s intimidating mess. There are even keystroke shortcuts and customizable workspaces. Lightweight yet stable performance on an older iMac (late 2013 model).

Corel PaintShop Pro may not offer quite the same level of file compatibility, but Adobe Lightroom still supports most common photo and image file formats. You can even “roundtrip” Photoshop files – an invaluable feature for photographers! Additionally, PNG, JPG, TIFF PDF WMF EPS saves are supported for saving work in various formats including PNG JPG TIFF PDF WMF etc.


CorelDraw is one of the premier programs for graphic design, featuring features designed to meet all levels of user expertise from novice to expert. It includes tools to help create posters, flyers and brochures as well as features for image editing and retouching; plus it works seamlessly across Mac and Windows operating systems.

CorelDRAW is an excellent solution for businesses that need to produce documents with unique logos and graphics, like maps, schematics, or blueprints. The program is easy to use and comes equipped with predefined templates that can be tailored specifically for any project. Furthermore, Pantone colors can be added without incurring additional costs, making CorelDRAW an attractive choice for manufacturers, engineering, or construction firms needing maps, schematics or blueprints created quickly and affordably.

CorelDraw competes with Adobe Illustrator as a professional drawing application, but has successfully distinguished itself with lower pricing and user-friendlier functionality. CorelDraw’s primary uses include freehand vector drawing, graphic design, packaging or industrial designs as well as its low learning curve which make it popular among new designers.

CorelDRAW 2018 boasts enhanced views and controls, with enhanced node shapes and handles, live text formatting, separate layers per page, simplified curve-shaping with LiveSketch tool, improved color balance options including smooth, cusp and symmetrical nodes, more prominent interactive sliders for object fills, transparencies blends extrusions as well as multipage view that allows users to see multiple pages simultaneously in your document simultaneously.


Krita is a free and open-source raster graphics editor designed for digital painting and 2D animation, with features including OpenGL-accelerated canvas processing, colour management support, an advanced brush engine, non-destructive layers/masks support, switchable customisation profiles and vector art workflow capability. As well as its wide support of file formats it makes Krita an excellent choice for professional artists.

User-friendly interface that enables you to personalize the layout to suit your preferences. Create standard, group, and filter layers while also changing their maxi value; Resource manager makes finding brushes, gradients, textures easy; Clone Layer feature allows copy-pasting layers live when source layer changes; Color wheel makes faster color selection; Symmetry tool enables perspective drawing; Clone Layer feature can copy/paste copies automatically when source layer modified

Krita is an exceptional program for digital painting and animation, but it does have some limitations. Notably, it doesn’t support all file formats so may be difficult for some users. Furthermore, subscription costs may make Krita less affordable for some users. Yet its features make it worthwhile as an alternative to paid graphics programs: templates with AI tools; intuitive workspace design; training material. Plus Krita boasts superior file management abilities as well as multilingual capabilities (it will default to your system language for file management purposes but you can switch this if preferred!). Finally Krita boasts excellent file management capabilities as well as multilingual capabilities — automatically using system language while switching is possible for even the system language!

Vista Create

VistaCreate was previously known as Crello and is an easy and user-friendly SaaS design tool that allows users to easily create visual content for personal and professional needs. Offering an expansive library of customizable templates with an intuitive drag-and-drop editor for editing them to suit individual tastes, this platform also provides tools such as filters, text effects and animations for designing aesthetic designs.

VistaCreate’s user-friendly design interface makes it the ideal platform for beginners just getting into graphic designing. Users can upload and use photos taken themselves or search its library of over 50 million creative assets – images, videos, vectors, backgrounds and objects available free to them – in VistaCreate’s 50 Million Creative Asset Library to get started in graphic designing.

This platform allows users to work collaboratively, with flexible team layouts tailored to meet the needs of every team member. In addition, there is a search function within its library of creative assets.

Canva, an affordable software program with an intuitive design interface and extensive collection of pre-made templates, is another fantastic choice for graphic designers. Canva can be used for social media posts, brochures and more, making it popular among business owners and marketing professionals with limited budgets who need content regularly created.

This platform features over 70,000 professionally designed templates suitable for various events and purposes, along with image editing features that allow for removing backgrounds, adding or editing textures, applying effects, as well as numerous fonts and icons available to choose from. Furthermore, over 20 design formats are supported on this platform.


Lunacy is a design tool built specifically to open and edit Sketch files efficiently on Windows, equipped with design resources such as the Icons8 library as well as multiple features and functionalities that make using Lunacy easy and offer robust collaboration tools without cost.

Vector editing (an essential function for designing flexible, scalable graphics) to prototyping can all be found within its comprehensive feature set. Its intuitive interface enhances productivity and enables users to produce more engaging content faster while its collaborative tools facilitate smooth workflows and effective communication between team members.

This software is highly portable and supports numerous file formats. It allows users to edit vector and raster images, remove backgrounds from photos, generate texts and illustrations with artificial intelligence technology and automatically order layers based on their sizes – as well as import data from web pages and databases into layers automatically ordered based on size. With an intuitive yet straightforward user interface that quickly allows beginners to get up and running.

Standout features of this software are its Sketch compatibility, enabling users to effortlessly open, view and edit Sketch files on Windows computers. This opens up opportunities to a wider audience and gives it an edge against established industry rivals such as Adobe Illustrator.

Lunacy can be downloaded and installed easily; both on its official website or the Windows Store, using the installer that will automatically detect your operating system and install accordingly. Once installed, simply double-clicking its desktop icon will launch it in fullscreen mode – or right-click and select “Exit” from within its taskbar icon to close all open documents and return you back to desktop mode.