Best Broadcasting Software

By Dzhingarov

Best broadcasting software is used to livestream events, video conferences and other content over the internet. It works by converting video and audio signals into formats suitable for transmission over the internet before transmitting encoded content directly to a streaming server.

XSplit is an extremely popular streaming and recording tool among gamers and social streamers, thanks to its user-friendly interface that makes creating professional-looking streams easy. Available for Windows operating systems.


OneStream is an innovative financial consolidation, reporting, and planning platform designed to streamline finance departments while decreasing costs associated with multiple point tools. Unlike most suites which are simply collections of individual applications or modules; OneStream truly serves as one cohesive platform.

Onestream integrates financial close, reporting, planning and analytics for dynamic enterprises into one streamlined user experience – offering an ideal one-stop source of truth that streamlines business processes by unifying data across finance functions. Onestream eliminates siloed CPM applications or spreadsheets while providing exponential business impact by unifying processes across finance departments and functions.

The platform boasts an easy learning curve and can be implemented quickly with minimal disruption, thanks to its intuitive process and step-by-step methodologies that enable users to upload, validate and certify data by the end of their first day of training. Administrators and end users report needing little if any assistance after go-live; additionally there are extensions of this product such as People Planning and Account Reconciliation that can reduce additional software needs.

Extensible Dimensionality allows this system to adapt as business requirements change without disrupting financial consolidation processes, and gives administrators flexibility for managing metadata at various levels of detail for each solution. This helps eliminate multiple databases while guaranteeing accurate consolidated data.

The OneStream Customer Success team is available to assist with issues or questions. Their aim is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction; they do this by listening carefully to customers and incorporating their feedback into the platform, in addition to offering ample resources like webinars, videos and other online materials.

As part of its customer-first philosophy, the company reflects this customer focus in its leadership team. Many team members have been with them for over ten years and possess extensive knowledge about its platform – making them a great resource for companies seeking to enhance their corporate performance management process and technology requirements.


vMix is an advanced broadcasting software package that makes professional productions possible. The program supports numerous input sources such as cameras, capture devices and video files; recording and streaming video resolutions up to 4K can also be accomplished; plus you’ll enjoy effects such as rotation, zooming in/out, cropping and color correction for an optimal experience.

vMix offers the added ability of managing multiple streams at the same time, making it ideal for large productions that must reach multiple viewers simultaneously. You can connect multiple capture devices and broadcast from each of them simultaneously. This makes vMix ideal for handling the delivery of multiple videos simultaneously.

This program allows you to select any camera position for multi-view output, and its built-in Chroma Key set makes producing green screen videos simple. Furthermore, the program records capture inputs independently from main program output for monitoring or live recording purposes; additionally it can serve as virtual input source in PowerPoint presentations or videoconferencing apps.

vMix provides support for various inputs and also features an NDI plugin, which connects remote cameras and sources with ease – ideal for streaming to platforms like Facebook and YouTube. Furthermore, SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) – an SRT point-to-point protocol – helps deliver low latency video over unreliable networks.

vMix differs from OBS by being a paid product with its own support team and offering more features and intuitive usability suited for beginners. Ask them any questions about using the software or receive help when encountering difficulties; and this support is always there when needed! If you are just getting started, this would make an excellent option.

vMix is widely utilized by some of the world’s best broadcasters for both simple and advanced productions, due to its stability and compatibility with most devices – this makes it suitable for Windows, Linux and Mac systems – its user interface being simple yet effective; even newcomers to live broadcasting will find this software user-friendly and intuitive to learn quickly. In addition, its unique features such as RSS, XML, JSON or text file integration provide it an edge over competitors while supporting up to eight Microsoft Teams or Zoom participants with isolated audio support make vMix superior over its competition.


Wirecast can transform your computer into an audio/video broadcasting studio for any event – be it a webinar, live video conference, rock concert or anything in between! It features several features to make streaming simpler such as audio ingestion/mixing as well as adding multiple discrete tracks for multiple outputs/streams. Furthermore, it has built-in webcam and screen sharing features so remote participants can join the show easily.

Wirecast offers more than just live video streaming; it also supports an assortment of media formats and resolutions, making it the ideal solution for large-scale events. In addition, it can record directly onto disk at high resolution and bitrate; additionally it allows users to create overlays – titles and displays that appear atop video streams – such as text tickers and QR code-generating overlays.

Wirecast’s social media integration features are one of its greatest strengths, providing comments and curation sections on Twitter, live viewer counts for Facebook and integrated polling for Periscope. Furthermore, Wirecast can stream live to multiple platforms at the same time including YouTube, Facebook and TikTok simultaneously with its built-in replay system capable of capturing highlights at any speed for playback at any speed.

Wirecast is a versatile video production program compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems, designed for video production. The latest version boasts numerous improvements aimed at making it simpler for users, such as improved encoding performance and color space conversion, new render engine support, more pro audio interface support, user-friendly installation process and an easy user experience.

Wirecast’s new version provides advanced graphics and production tools, such as chroma keying and video conferencing, with PTZOptics cameras supporting NewTek NDI integration and studio monitor/telestrator functions that support professional audio FX.

Wirecast offers more than live video streaming services; it can also be used for broadcasting live news and sporting events. Its advanced broadcasting capabilities include live scoreboard that allows viewers to monitor the progress of an athletic competition; also, countdown clock can give your audience a sense of urgency for events taking place in real time.


XSplit is an all-in-one video production tool that’s ideal for streamers. This flexible platform can create both live streams for platforms like Twitch and videos for YouTube, with its intuitive and easy user interface supporting an extensive selection of capture cards and webcams as well as basic editing features such as 3D text addition and superimposing images and videos using chroma keying. Unfortunately, some features of XSplit require paying subscription; fortunately a free trial period exists before purchasing this software; alternatively subscribe to premium plans or purchase lifetime licenses as needed.

XSplit stands out from other streaming programs like Fraps by being designed specifically to capture high res (2k and 4k) video capture and more stable than its rivals, like Fraps. While it requires significant CPU resources to run effectively, and can sometimes slow down frame rates of games if run alongside them; as with any capture card purchase it is important that this software supports it fully before buying one.

XSplit provides broadcasters with another valuable feature – its VCam feature – enabling them to customize the background of their videos with any image or video file, creating more professional-looking backdrops or simply eliminating hassle of finding actual ones. Other useful features of XSplit include drag and drop capabilities, multi-streaming support, source transitions and preview editor.

XSplit stands out due to its flexibility; offering features for beginners and pros alike. Ideal for gamers wanting to record their gameplay or those wanting to combine multiple streams into an organized show with professional-quality production value, its multistreaming feature makes broadcasting multiple streams simultaneously on Facebook, Youtube and Twitch possible.

Even though XSplit may appear complex to set up initially, its simple user interface makes it easy for novice users to understand and navigate it easily, while an included tutorial helps guide them through the setup process.