Best 5 Gaming Smartphones To Use Right Now

By Adrian Cruce

Mobile gaming is constantly evolving. The technology included in modern smartphones is literally the equivalent of a computer just a few years ago. And game manufacturers know that. As games get more and more impressive, smartphones do manage to keep up.

New mobile games are very demanding though. You need the best gaming smartphones to play them. Any of the following will be great choices.

Nubia Red Magic 5G

If you want to play games, this smartphone is perfect, although it is not great for other purposes.

The main advantage of this gadget is that the display is perfect for gaming at 144 Hz and you will love the shoulder triggers. However, there are some software bugs that come up from time to time.

This smartphone includes a perfect liquid cooling system and a fan that will keep the smartphone free and vibration is added to games through 4D Shock.

Keep in mind that some of the features available are not currently used in games but this will change in the near future.

Asus ROG Phone 3

The Asus ROG Phone 3 features a beautiful 144 HZ AMOLED screen, incredible battery life and different gaming moods. We do not know how good the phone is when it comes to waterproofing because there is no official rating and no wireless charging is included.

All gamers needs are covered by this phone, including the impressive 6,000 mAh battery and the large 6.59 inches screen. The chipset is the Snapdragon 865 Plus, you can get a maximum of 16 GB of RAM and you have all the storage you need.

Because of the fact that this smartphone was created especially for the gamers, there are some features that you rarely find on regular devices, like a quality clip-on fan and different extra accessories you can buy separately, like a gamepad.

What is particularly interesting is that the smartphone comes with built-in software that is meant to help tailor gaming experiences. This even includes overlocking so you will be able to use this phone for a pretty long time if you buy it now.

Black Shark 3

Black Shark 3 features top-end specs at an affordable price. At the same time, the cameras included are quite capable and the only thing that people really complain about is the fact that appearance is divisive.

Although the other gaming phones presented above are stronger, it is bold, big, and even includes LED lights. All the specs are strong and what you would expect in a top-end modern gaming phone. Also, the cameras work great even when faced with low-light settings.

The only really important problem with the Black Shark 3 is the 90 Hz refresh rate. This is lower than what you might expect if you are serious about mobile gaming.

Razer Phone 2

The gaming-specific features on the Razer Phone 2 automatically stand out. We are faced with top-line specs and a refresh rate display of 120 Hz. The big problems are that the screen is smaller than with other gaming phones and the minimum storage available is just 64 GB, which is low for the $900 price tag.

While the Razer Phone 2 is not perfect, it is better than the first version released. You will not like the display and the camera if you want top quality but on the whole this is a wonderful gaming smartphone with a Snapdragon 845 chip and Qi wireless charging.

With this smartphone you get a strong chipset, 8 GB of RAM, pretty good speakers, a suitable 4,000 mAh battery, and a suitable refresh rate of 120 Hz. Battery performance and life can be tweaked so this is a perfect device for mobile gaming.

Black Shark 2

We need to mention the Black Shark 2 even if we also mentioned the third version of the gaming smartphone because it is perfect when you are on a tighter budget. You get top-spec power, a good AMOLED display, and enough storage.

Xiaomi’s second-generation gaming smartphone combines a pretty good camera with improved gaming credentials when compared with the original, and very good internals. Because of the launch of the third version, the price tag instantly went down. If you can get your hands on the Black Shark 2 (it is quite difficult to do so in the US), it is a top pick, even if there are minor touch input issues you will have to deal with.


Every single one of the top gaming smartphones mentioned above is a very good choice that will keep you covered for countless months from now on. In fact, we can say that in terms of technology, these phones are ahead of the gaming companies since they can handle all the games available right now on the market.

At the end of the day, the final choice you make will be based on personal affinity and price tags.