How To Improve The Performance Of An Android Tablet

By Dzhingarov

Just as with the personal PC, it is important to know how to improve Android tablet performance. We are faced with many tablet users complaining about the fact that the devices are not performing as great as they used to. This is common since such devices always run slower as there is a shortage noticed with memory and even with the stored file system.

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The really good news is that it is not at all difficult to maintain tablet performance. You just have to know exactly what you have to do. The Android tablet is normally utilized for various things from office work to playing games. Because of this, you want to do various tasks on a regular basis. Make sure that you think about the following moves that can be done in order to improve the performance of basically any Android tablet.

Remove The Unneeded Applications

Memory ends up being occupied every single time that an application is downloaded and installed. It is really common for users to keep adding apps. Many end up not being used. If you have some that you do not really use anymore, make sure that you will uninstall them. This automatically frees up storage and memory, thus improving Android tablet performance.

Close Applications You Do Not Use

One of the most common errors made by Android tablet users is assuming the fact that apps end up closing when you get back to the main menu. When you do close the apps after you stop using them, they will no longer run in the device’s background. The system ends up with so much more memory that can be used to guarantee that the other applications run smoothly.

Do Not Use Live Wallpapers

The live wallpapers definitely look stunning. They are entertaining and you may want to use them but the problem is that they always make tablets run much slower than they could. That is because a background is always running when you do anything. The regular wallpaper is the best thing that you can use, especially since battery life will also be saved.

Stop The Animations

Animations are basically eye candies but you do not really need them in the event that you want to be sure that the Android tablet operates in an appropriate way. Just as with the computer, performance will be reduced. It is not at all difficult to go to the Settings menu and simply deactivate animations. The performance difference will be noticed almost instantly.

Remove The Widgets You Do Not Use

Android tablets and phones normally have so many widgets that run at the same time. It is clear that a widget can be useful but it is a guarantee that you do not actually use all those that you have installed. Remove those that are not necessary. All the widgets take up tablet memory and when you remove them, better performance appears.

Use An Application Cleaner Or Manager

There are many such applications that can be downloaded for Android tablets. They are really useful and you do want to seriously consider one being installed. Such an application will clean browser history, unnecessary files and even file cache. Make it a habit to regularly clean the tablet and do not stay focused just on external appearance.