A Short Review of the Warframe Game + Xur

By Adrian Cruce

This Warframe review is about the newly released game Xur which has received a lot of popularity in the recent times. This is a new form of the old and popularoid game called Metaverse. The original Metaverse was first introduced to the public in 2003, where the concept of online trading of items and currencies was introduced. This then earned the name of Metaverse: The Movie. A few years later the game was made available to the public and so began a craze for this game that has lasted till this day.

In Xur, the player takes on the roll of a Warlock, a cyborg warrior-general who is called upon to fight off an invasion of creatures known as ‘the Abyss’. To do so, he has to gather resources, power and a number of abilities that are then used in battle. The player can also choose to purchase a wide variety of weapons and armors from a wide range of items in order to level up and improve his character. There is a bit of puzzle involved in the game too as the player has to find the best combination for each of these things so that he may be successful in attaining his objective and defeat the enemies of the Abyss. You can also choose to play the single player game whereby you will have to complete a set of objectives before you move on to the next one.

The combat of the game is quite interesting, with the emphasis being more on real time strategy rather than actual real-time combat. The player has to use all of his skills in order to win the game. This includes using the environment to his advantage, combining his abilities for a number of different strategies to defeat his opponents. For example, a well-placed power resource can turn the tide of battle in the player’s favor and so can a well-planned shield generator or the ominous Phazon, although they are not always available to the Warlock.

A story revolving around the game can also be unfolded where the background of the game is revealed. It is a well-written and very emotional story that will make the player feel involved with the whole game. The narrative of the game is quite well told and gives a satisfying and complete game experience. As such, there is really nothing more for the player to do except to enjoy the rest of the game and wait for the conclusion. The storyline is completely reasonable, even if the game does deviate from the storyline a little bit at times.

It is in these moments that the game proves itself to be very well played and is able to hold players’ interest till the very end. The difficulty level is also quite challenging and players have a good chance of getting through them without any trouble. You might work hard to learn where is XUR today. The game has an easy setting as well as an advanced setting where the harder setting is applied. Therefore, no matter what kind of player you are, you will find the game both fun and exciting to play.

The story of warfare: guardian of the planets is quite good and is something that will hold the players’ attention all throughout the game. However, this is not much of a problem as the game provides enough content to hold any interest. It is mostly up to the player whether they wish to go through the story line or not. The game is full of challenges and therefore any player will find it hard to choose between the different warframes. However, this is a minor gripe as it is not something that can really spoil the fun of the game.