9 Things You Should Consider While Choosing A Software Professional

By Dzhingarov

Looking for a suitable software engineer/consultant for your business? Make sure that you are paying due attention to the factors listed in this article.

Over the passage of time, the range of business-oriented software applications and systems has expanded manifold. That, in turn, has increased the demand for qualified software engineers and experts – who would be in charge of the overall IT setup at corporate organizations. In what follows, we would deliberate on 9 important factors that you should keep in mind, while looking for a software professional for your business:

  1. Years of relevant experience – Inquire about the number of years the software expert has been operating in a professional capacity. If you are looking for software support for any particular type of system, make sure that the candidate is conversant with all its features. For example, if its the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system you need help with, avail of the services of a well-experienced Microsoft certified partner.
  2. Client reviews and testimonials – Browse through the website of the software professionals you have shortlisted, and pay particular attention to the client testimonials section. You will be able to form a reasonable idea about the quality of service (s)he provides, by going through these reviews and feedback. Ask for the contact information of a couple of the previous clients, so that you can cross-check the information provided on the website. Keep in mind that there is no excuse for not having these. Anyone can use a free portfolio website builder to present testimonials and reviews, especially software developers.
  3. Communicability – Make sure that you can constantly communicate with the software professional, as (s)he goes about his/her job. Have a clear idea of the things the software expert is doing, and the objectives of these activities. If you wish to setup a new system at your business, the software engineer should be able to help you do so with ease.
  4. Fees – Do not hire the very first software professional that you come across. Do some research online, ask your colleagues and industry peers, and prepare a shortlist of three to five software service providers. Compare their professional knowledge, services on offer, and charges – and hire the one who would offer you the best value-for-money. Keep in mind though that, since software management requires specialized expertise, the fees would be slightly higher than that of other, routine workers.
  5. Knowledge base – Is the professional aware of all the latest developments from the world of software? Is s(he) comfortable about working with all the sophisticated software systems used in your business? These are some questions you need to resolve, before actually hiring any software engineer. To cite an instance, a professional Microsoft certified partner should be able to handle all types of Microsoft applications, including the MS CRM system.
  6. Part-time or full-time? – Estimate the software requirements of your firm, and hire a part-time or a full-time software expert accordingly. For example, if your business is relatively small-scale, hiring a part-time software professional would suffice. A correct choice would help you save more, as well as get better services.
  7. Training – No matter how qualified a software professional might be, you will need to provide some training to him/her, to make him/her familiar with the software setup at your office. If you are planning to launch a new software, the engineer also has to be made aware of all the developmental aspects related to the latter. Find out the expenses that would be involved for such training, and make sure that the person you hire would be able to provide just the type of service you are looking for. The same thing can be considered on computer recycling process also
  8. Troubleshooting capabilities – Has something gone wrong with the Dynamics CRM system at your office? The Microsoft certified partner you have hired should have the skills to find out the cause(s) of the problem, and fix them as soon as possible. You should be able to contact the software expert round the clock – in case of any emergency requirements. When troubleshooting can be done in an expert, timely manner, risks of lengthy system downtimes also diminish considerably.
  9. Integrity – The software professional you hire should take full responsibility of managing all the systems and applications at your office. Make sure that (s)he does not delegate his/her tasks to any other third-party individuals/agencies. Have a chat with the person you have selected about this aspect, before having him/her on board.

Ask for a written copy of the service agreement provided by the software professional. Make sure that (s)he has the work permit/license to operate in your city/country. Pay heed to these factors while hiring software engineers – and make your business activities smarter, better and more effective!

Author’s Bio: Rickey is a software developer and also a well known blogger. He has keen interest in travel. He writes on the web on a regular basis too, on a variety of software development, luxury rental cars and management tips. Over here, he presents nine factors that should be considered, while looking for a qualified software professional.