Windows 10 – Windows Defender Or Other Programs?

By Dzhingarov

Windows 10 made a pretty big security change with the introduction of Windows Defender but is this enough for your computer or not? Defender is basically a free antivirus that was initially offered for Windows 7. Now it is included in Windows 10.

Can Windows Defender Be Enough?

Windows Defender is quite good. It will automatically scan opened programs, download the latest definitions and offer interfaces that can be used. The only problem is that this antivirus is a little behind what other programs are offering.

There are interesting advantages offered. This is software that will not harass the user, that is built-in that does not ask for money that is lightweight and that does not harvest browsing data. We have pretty good overall protection that is quite good for the regular user. We can say that this is quite a good protection foundation that you can have for your computer.

What we have to understand is that Windows Defender is now generating low scores in tests. However, the program is capable of capturing close to 99% of potential threats. This is more than enough for the common PC user. We can conclude that Windows Defender is just not the very best option that is available but it is a good one to have for most users.

Some Options To Consider:

  • When you want the very best possible protection, you do need to pay more for it. However, this is what brings us to Kaspersky. This is often tested and gets the best possible results. The interface is good and the protection offered is definitely the very best one that is available at the moment.
  • If you want a free option as you cannot spend money on antivirus software, you will want to consider Avira Free Antivirus. This program now offers the very best non-intrusiveness combined with protection for free software.
  • Some do not want to be bothered at all while they user their computer. In this case, the best possible option is Windows Defender. The option is decent and you will not have problems using it.

Installing a third party antivirus will make Windows Defender automatically disable itself. When you uninstall the antivirus, Defender re-activates.

Don’t Forget About Anti Malware And Anti Exploits

Most people only think about using antivirus but nowadays, this is not enough. You need to also use an anti-exploit program. This protects plug-ins and the web browser. These are much more attacked by hackers than regular computers these days. The free program recommended is MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit. The option is really great and you can also go for MalwareBytes Anti-Malware. Combining these two with an antivirus program means that you have the protection that helps you to make sure that your computer is safe.