What Are The Most Common Laptop Repairs?

By Dzhingarov

The laptop is a crucial part of the life of countless people from around the world. You might use it for work, gaming, or anything else. From schools to doing office work, laptops became a part of everyday life. However, just like any bit of technology out there, laptops can break down.

Keep in mind that all repairs can be performed by IT support specialists but not all repairs can be performed by you at home. This is why you need knowledge so you know when you can fix your unit alone or when you need professional help. You can figure this out by taking a look at the most common laptop repairs mentioned below.


Overheating laptops are quite common. Usually, the problem is that you have a malfunctioning internal fan. This is often very easy to fix and you just need to clean your unit or alternatively replace the fan.

Laptop Runs Slowly

When you notice that your laptop runs slowly, there are different possible problems. Sometimes, the space that you have left on your hard drive is not much. You might also have a virus or you may just need to reinstall your operating system.

Battery Life

The battery of a laptop will eventually start to fail. This is a sign of the fact that the machine is older. You can easily get a replacement from the internet and you should know that not much else can be done.

No Internet Connectivity

When the laptop cannot connect to a WiFi network even if everything is in working order, you most likely deal with equipment failure. It is also possible that your internet is down without you being aware of it. Reboot the rooter to see if this changes anything.

Black Screen

This is often referred to as the screen of death. If you notice it, unplug the laptop and reboot it. When you do not get the image back, your system might have completely failed.