What are the Advantages of Android Smartphones?

By Dzhingarov

Most people who use a smartphone would agree that today, the only two operating systems worth considering are iOS and Android. iOS is limited to just the Apple brand of smartphones, while various versions of Android are running on almost every other brand of smartphone you can get today. Despite the fact that Apple is a firm leader in technology with a great reputation, Android sales are increasing. So, why are more people deciding to opt for Android for their next phone?

More Device Choices

While Apple is rolling out plenty of updates with new and exciting features, only being able to get another version of the iPhone can be quite limiting for some smartphone users who are looking for a change. Android users have several different brands of phones to choose from at different price levels compared to Apple users who are usually limited to a couple of updates per year. Each device can look and function differently when it comes to Android phones and there are more options available on either end of the budget, whether you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful smartphone or a super-fast option with 5G connectivity like TCL Mobile.

Universal Chargers

It might seem like quite a small thing but for many Android users, less worry about shelling out for a specific type of device charger if needed can be a huge benefit. Lightning connectors are designed to only work with Apple devices purchased after 2012, and using cheaper versions of this charger can damage your phone, so it’s safer to get one directly from Apple – at a high cost. On the other hand, the vast majority of Android devices use the standardised Micro USB connection for their chargers, which are cheap to buy and used for charging several other types of devices.

Removable Battery and Extendable Memory

While it might not be the case for all Android devices out there, another benefit of opting for this operating system is that many devices allow you to extend the memory and remove the battery. Unlike Apple devices where upgrading the memory capacity means shelling out for a costly upgrade or buying a new device, many Android smartphones simply allow you to insert a MicroSD card. And many Android batteries are removable, meaning that you can easily replace just the battery for better performance if needed.

Better Hardware

While Apple’s hardware is certainly improving with every new release, some Android phone brands are already further along. For example, the Samsung Galaxy range is well-known for having super-fast processors, more RAM, better battery capacity, and better screen resolution compared to other brands. While the huge range of Android devices means that not all of them are going to have better hardware than iPhones, you certainly have more options to choose from if you’re looking for the best.

Whether you’re a current Apple user looking for a change or want to continue using Android smartphones, there’s a reason why this operating system has been quickly catching up to Apple as the industry leader.