Top Star Wars Gadgets For The Ultimate Geek

By Adrian Cruce

Since we now see the filming of a brand new Star Wars Movie with the original cast, it is obvious that all the people that loved the franchise are now intrigued. With this in mind, let us take a really quick look at some of the best Star Wars Gadgets that every single geek needs to have at home. No house would be complete without these, especially if you are a fan.


Star Wars Lightsabers

You simply need to have lightsabers at home. There are so many that are available on the market and you can actually go through online stores that are specialized in these items. Our personal favorite is The Custom Saber Shop. It should be visited by any Star Wars fan because you can build your unique, custom saber. If you do not like something that you see there, just head on to Amazon and you will find hundreds of models.

star wars in your pocket

Star Wars Talking Keychain

Get it from Amazon and take the force with you wherever you go. This keychain is pre-packed with different quotes from the movie, from different characters. The keychain is really cheap and is available in different colors. You may want to opt for the white one, just as it goes perfectly with other Star Wars gadgets.

R2-D2 xbox 360

R2-D2 Xbox 360 Mod

The guys at ML MOD love to make R2-D2 gadgets. This one is a particularly interesting one for us because we enjoy the Xbox 360. However, if you are into other consoles, you can also opt for the Nintendo model. You will simply love the addition that you get to your home thanks to this Xbox 360 and your friends will be so surprised when they learn what this baby is.

darth vader hub

Darth Vader USB Hub

This will look great on your office desk. Use it as it is really useful but show off the fact that you love Star Wars. You can also buy this one from Amazon but you may believe that it is a little expensive. We certainly found it to be too expensive. However, for the true Star Wars fan, this will not be a problem.

death star planetarium

Death Star Planetarium

This is the type of gadget that is perfect for the younger ones since you get to learn a lot about stars while having something that looks so much like the Death Star. You can buy it from Barnes & Noble and you will not have to spend a fortune for it. Check it out here and be surprised as to how cheap it is!

force glove

The Force Glove

The Force Glove is particularly great for kids that want to impress their friends. Take a quick look at the presentation from Think Geek and you will love it too. The glove can make it seem as if you have the force right inside you!

We only presented 6 great Star Wars gadgets but it is impossible not to find hundreds more, especially now that the movie is coming out. Make sure that you take a look at the large stores since they usually have great selections that are available for all franchise fans.