Top Apps For College Students – Make College Life Easier!

By Dzhingarov

We recently talked about the top apps for teachers and we have to also cover those apps that are great for college students. It does not matter what problems you have at the moment during your college life. The truth is that apps can make everything easier for you. With this in mind, here are the apps that you want to consider.



There are millions of college students out there that use Any.Do in order to organize tasks. It is an app that is great for students, especially when referring to creating a really good to-do list. It can synchronize the tasks that you have with other devices and you can access it from practically anywhere. Entry priorities can be arranged and tasks can easily be marked as completed.



Notability is a very interesting app, especially for those that own an iPad. You can use it in order to take notes, type, record and even created PDF annotations. Looks of the notes can be customized and you can easily add photos and links. The student can practically take notes a lot faster, making learning faster.



Mailbox is perfect for the college student that receives many emails and that needs to have them properly organized for school work. You can easily use it to keep the inbox clean, archive emails that were sent, set reminders and even work with more emails at the exact same time. We can say that this app is also great for teachers but we found that college students benefit the most from using it.


feedly app

A college student naturally wants to know as much as possible and has to be connected with news in various domains. This is quite hard to do since we have problems that can appear, like exams, essays, part time jobs or constant deadlines. allows you to deal with many problems. As you surely already figured out, it is an RSS aggregator. Consolidate news in just one feed and check everything that you want to receive. You can even receive notifications when there is something interesting that appears in one of the feeds, based on your wishes and needs.



Scribd is basically the largest online library. It can help all college students to find books and documents, all important for studies. The data in the database is basically shared by people from so many countries. Organize and curate them based on topics. Scribd allows you to create your very own library with various texts, books and notes. The lists that you create can be shared with friends.