Top 7 Gadgets For A Good Night Sleep

By Dzhingarov

Getting a good night sleep offer the necessary energy for dealing with daily activities and it is also a mandatory requirement for living a balanced and healthy life. However, the recommended 8 hours night sleep seem like a burden these days due to stress, insomnia and other problems that are not allowing people to easily fall asleep.

Besides a good mattress and comfy bedding, nowadays people can use a wide range of gadgets that help them to have a deep, restful sleep.

  1. Aura

Aura - gadget for sleep

Price: $214 – $334

Aura is a gadget that has many useful features: wake-up light, sleep programs, smart alarm, connected speakers, optimized colors that increase the secretion of sleep hormones and features that analyze sleep cycles.

Auro also analyzes temperature to make sure your bedroom is in the proper temperature range for sleep, monitor the light to unsure that luminosity is not the one causing insomnia and it also examines the sound levels in the room so you can adjust your ambient to avoid having sleep disruptions.

  1. Re-Timer

Re-Timer gadget for sleep

Price: $299

This gadget is great for those who travel a lot and suffer from jet lag. The gadget emits a light that stops the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone produced by the human body and that makes us feel tired. Re-Timer helps people to change their sleep patterns and to rest during business trips and other periods that require a different sleep schedule.

  1. NightWave

NightWave for good night sleep

Price: $49.95

NightWave is a gadget for those who have overactive minds. This device helps people to quiet their mind by guiding them through a relaxation routine that will enable a better night sleep. NightWave is a silent gadget that was designated to help those who are agitated, suffer from jet lag, pain or other stress issues that can cause sleep problems by using soothing light and night routines that will make people to fall asleep easier and have a relaxing night sleep.

  1. Hush – Smart Earplugs

Hush – Smart Earplugs

Price: $150

Noise is a common cause for disrupted sleep and earplugs are usually used to block the outside noise. However, Hush are not the typical earplugs that only block the outside noise, they are connected with an app that allows users to play relaxing sounds throughout the night for the best night sleep.

  1. Dreampad


Price: $100-$179

Dreampad is a smart device that stimulates the body’s relaxation and enables people to fall asleep and have a good night sleep by using psychoacoustic expertise and Intrasound technology to deliver music through gentle and calming vibrations that can be heard only by  the person using the pillow.

  1. Neuroon


Price: $299

Neuroon is not the classic sleep mask, it is the first intelligent mask that not only blocks the light that can produce changes in the sleep cycles but also simulates a sunrise that allows users to wake up naturally. The gadget also analyzes sleep patterns and provides analytics about the sleep cycles and it can be used throughout the day for light-spectrum therapy to readjust the body’s biorhythm.

  1. Sense

Sense gadget for sleep

Price: $129

Sense is a gadget that monitors the sleep environment and the sleep behavior of the user and based on those it creates sleep scores that allow users to analyze their night sleep. The gadget also offers useful tips for improving the sleep behaviors and to create healthier sleep routines.