Tips to Help You Start Your Own Computer Repair Business

By Dzhingarov

Computer Repair Technicians are often seen as “computer hackers” because they perform activities that involve the use of technical knowledge of computers. They are computer technicians who repair and replace damaged or obsolete computer equipment. They are qualified technicians who can fix many computer-related issues like software errors, hardware problems, security issues, system crashes, and hard drives. Many computer repair specialists use diagnostic tools that are similar to those used by computer professionals.

A computer repair technician is a technician who is specialized in troubleshooting computer hardware or computer software. A computer repair technician may be required to access and evaluate hardware and software issues. They may also perform tests on networked computers, to determine if there are any problems with the network or if other devices are affected. Computer Repair Technologists, also known as PC Repair technicians, diagnose, repair, and resolve various kinds of problems affecting computers or server networks.

computer repair

To become certified, you must pass the computer repair technician exam. Passing this exam assures employers that you have an interest in working on their products. There are many ways to get certified. By having interest and experience in computer repair, a person gets an opportunity to become certified.


There are many certifications offered by computer repair technician’s associations. Certifications issued by such associations range from basic, to specialized computer repair certification. You can get certified for software, hard disk, memory, integrated circuits, network devices, wireless computers, workstations, or cell phones. Most computer repair technicians associations offer certificates or accreditation after testing or exams are passed.

To become certified, computer repair technicians should complete a specific number of hours or courses. Most computer repair organizations require students to complete a certain number of hours. Most of the organizations also require students to complete a special class about electronic circuitry, and other methods of repairing computers. Specialized classes include LCD screen repairs, software installation, video games troubleshooting, keyboard repairs, hardware modifications and resetting, antivirus problems, and other methods of computer repair.


For the aspiring computer repair business owner, it is necessary to buy a specific machine or kit that will allow him to do a specified job. There are many computer repair technicians who start off by selling generic, non-branded kits that are often cheaper than the branded ones. However, these cheaper kits may not provide the level of care and precision that the branded ones can provide.

The Success Of The Business

There are many factors that help determine the success of a computer repair business. The size of the target market is one of the most important aspects that determine the ultimate success of the business. If the target market is small, the business may struggle to stay in business because of the low profit margin. On the other hand, if the target market is large, more income can be earned by targeting a larger number of clients. Many computer repair businesses have started out with very small target markets, but as their business has grown, they have expanded their markets to include local and national firms.

Customer service is another important aspect of having a successful business. A computer repair business owner needs to treat his customers with respect because without good customer service, he will not be able to retain his customers or even get new ones. Many customers have complaints about slow computer speeds and poor customer service, and the business owner should always try to address these issues as soon as they occur. Good customer service will encourage his customers to return to the business and stay as customers for a long time.