The Very Best Cheap Smartphones You Can Buy Right Now

By Adrian Cruce

You no longer need to pay huge amounts of money for a very good smartphone so why go for the iPhone X when there is a pretty good possibility that the device you really need is so much cheaper. Most of the smartphones are at around $400 and many very good mobile phones are even a lot cheaper. Obviously, some of the cheap smartphones are a lot better than others. This is why we should highlight those that are the very best at incredibly low prices for what they offer.

Blu R1 HD

Although there are some concerns about security since there were some reports that the Blu R1 HD was sending user data to different Chinese servers, with just a little attention to security this would not be a problem. On the whole, this smartphone is a great choice when your goal is to spend as little as you can since it only costs around $100 unlocked. Just go for the model that is higher-end (for only $10 extra) and get 720p, 5-inch display.

Moto G5 Plus

If your budget is at around 200 to 300 dollars, the Moto G5 Plus definitely offers the best possible overall value. In fact, this is a phone that set a clear standard for all affordable phones that followed, offering many possibilities from using virtual 0117 numbers to playing some challenging games. While its appearance is boring and you do not gain access to high quality materials, it is still much better than most of the competition.

Included is the Snapdragon 625 chip and while it is not very fast, problems appear just with heavy games. Battery life is good enough and the 1080p display is more than necessary for most possible users.

Huawei Honor 6X

This smartphone has some pretty clear selling points. It has a larger screen that offers more accuracy and is a little bit brighter than what Moto G5 Plus included. It also features a thinner metal body and the included fingerprint sensor is quite fast. Although the battery life is not as strong as G5’s, it is suitable.

What people often notice fast is the dual camera that appears on the back, offering more photo focus, similarly to the iPhone 7. While accuracy is not always present, if it does work the result is definitely impressive. The main issues are that there is a lack of oleophobic coating for the display so finger grease can become a problem and the software skin added to Android 6.0 is quite heavy.

ZTE Blade V8 Pro

You will prefer Moto G5 Plus over this one but this does not mean it should not be considered since it will be a great choice for many. The battery actually lasts longer and the screen is a little larger. You also have a dual camera just like with Honor 6X.

Grip is good but camera is not as sharp as with Huawei or Moto. Also, the inclusion of Android 6.0 is still dated, although the skin is not as bad as with Huawei.