The Most Expensive Gadgets in the World

By Dzhingarov

Are You A Gadget Lover With Money to Spare? Below are the World’s Most Expensive Gadgets

This $15 Million iPhone 5 Black Diamond is constructed of 135 grams of solid 24 carat gold and features 600 white diamonds adorned with 53 flawless black diamonds adorning its backside to complete its spectacular beauty.

1. Apple MacBook Air Supreme Platinum Edition

Apple products are among the world’s most expensive gadgets, but Stuart Hughes has taken them to an all-new level of luxury with their redesigned MacBook Air Platinum Edition. Hughes is renowned for his work in luxury technology; his gadgets feature rare metals and precious gems.

This platinum-clad MacBook features 53 diamonds totaling 25.5 carats. It costs nearly half a million dollars.

Goldgenie offers more reasonably-priced laptop options if you don’t feel up to spending this kind of cash; their 24 karat gold clad MacBook starts at just over $22,000 and features an eye-catching diamond logo for maximum attention at your local Starbucks.

2. Hart Audio Aural Pleasure Speakers

Hart Audio has unveiled the world’s most expensive speakers, priced at over three million British pounds each and inspired by Big Ben clock tower. Available in bronze, silver and gold finishes.

Hart Audio’s solid phosphor bronze D&W Aural Pleasure Loudspeakers weigh 50 kilograms without drive units and boast an eye-catching curvaceous design that results from complex calculations both acoustically and physically. These speakers have earned accolades from multiple high-end hi-fi publications including Hi-Fi Choice where they earned five stars!

Only 99 pairs of bronze version speakers were made and five pairs of silver versions, but there is only one 18-carat gold pair still in existence – as an expression of wealth and sound quality they contain a 200mm polypropylene bass driver and 25mm aluminium magnesium dual concentric treble driver.

3. iPad 2 Black Diamond

What you expect out of an iPad 2 depends on its purpose for you; whether or not it serves as a laptop replacement is dependent upon what it needs to do for you; otherwise it’s hard to argue against its portability and thin design – although premium cellular connection adds further expense and might make an argument against purchasing this particular model from designer Stuart Hughes who created an all-gold version encrusted with 53 internal flawless black diamonds, known as iPad 2 Black Diamond which costs considerably more.

5. Camael Diamond iPad

Add some flair and you can transform a tablet from being just another mundane device into an extravagant statement about how much wealth you possess.

Camael Diamonds have designed this exquisite iPad, featuring 1kg of 18 carat gold and 300 flawless diamonds encrusted throughout it. Additionally, black diamonds adorn its home button and Apple logo on the back panel for extra glitz.

Stuart Hughes designed this modern technology with history in mind. The frame is constructed of Ammolite bone from T-Rex dinosaurs while 53 diamonds adorn its front face – costing an eye-watering $8 million! Camael offers solid gold versions of iPad for those on tight budgets as well as customized iPhones, iPods, BlackBerrys and car sleutelhangers to complete its offering.

6. Stuart Hughes Apple MacBook Air Supreme Platinum Edition

Since smartphones and other gadgets have become part of our daily lives, luxury designers have begun releasing luxurious versions for the rich. While iPhones typically are the subject of these lavish designs, even laptops are now getting an extravagant makeover; for example, this MacBook Air Supreme Platinum Edition made out of 7kg platinum boasts sapphires and diamonds to complete its luxurious aesthetics.

The Apple logo on this device is crafted using 53 flawless diamonds weighing 25.5 carats, in a limited edition of 10 units.

Stuart Hughes, known for creating luxury gadgets, created an iPad 2 Gold History Edition featuring 600 white diamonds encrusted into its surface and featuring a sapphire screen. Priced at $15 Million and taking nine weeks to construct; an expensive piece but certainly well-worth its cost!

7. Stuart Hughes Apple MacBook Air Black Diamond

Apple products have long exuded luxury, and this laptop takes it a step further. Liverpool jeweller Stuart Hughes created the MacBook Air Supreme Platinum Edition – also designing a diamond iPhone 4S and gold iPad 2.

The “Supreme Ice” version of this piece is covered with platinum and features an Apple logo encrusted with diamonds. Meanwhile, “Supreme Fire” crafted of 24K gold also boasts its own diamond-studded Apple logo.

Ego Lifestyle offers some exquisite alternatives if you don’t feel ready to drop the cash for a Macbook, such as their Steinway Lyngdorf Model LS Concert Speakers covered with 470 diamonds for $250,000. They provide the closest thing to live music experience inside your own home – but these only came out three times and come complete with concierge service for one year!

8. Stuart Hughes Apple iPad 2 Ammolite

For an excuse to spend big, look no further than Stuart Hughes’ gold-coated iPad 2. Featuring 53 flawless diamonds encrusting its Apple logo and one 8.5-carat diamond on its home button.

The tablet’s front frame is made from Ammolite, an extremely rare gem which dates back 75 million years and which can be found only in certain regions of Africa and Southeast Asia. To give its appearance even greater depth of color and luster, pieces of 65 million year-old Tyrannosaurus Rex bone were added for an exclusive marbleized effect.

The Gold History Edition tablet weighs 2,000 grams and features a solid 24K gold case adorned with 53 diamonds to form its iconic Apple logo on the rear panel. Only two have ever been produced!

9. Stuart Hughes Apple iPad 2 Camael Diamond

Stuart Hughes of luxury products maker Stuart Hughes was able to meet Steve Jobs’s exacting design specifications with his iPad 2 Gold History Edition that blends modern technology with ancient artifacts. The Gold History Edition costs an eye-popping $8 million and boasts a front frame made of Ammolite rock–an ancient substance composed of shavings from T-Rex dinosaur fossils 65 million years old!

Camael London, the jewelry company responsible for this dazzling device, also created iPhones and scale models of Bugatti Veyrons decorated with stunning diamonds adornments – creating this breathtaking iPad.

If a $1.2 million iPad is too tame for you, Dubai’s Burj Al Arab hotel offers guests 24-karat iPads as a more extravagant way of indulgence.

10. Stuart Hughes Apple iPad 2 Black Diamond

Apple’s iPhone has long been considered the must-have smartphone of bling lovers, but Liverpool designer Stuart Hughes is offering an extravagant iPad 2 called ‘Gold History’ at an astonishing $8 Million cost and covered in gold, diamonds and dinosaur bones shards.

Hughes created a custom iPad featuring a gold back, featuring a solid 24k Apple logo encrusted with 53 internally flawless diamonds and home button encrusted with them, along with 750 grams of Ammolite (a rainbow-colored rock made up of fossilized remains from prehistoric mollusks), as well as 65 million year old Tyrannosaurus Rex thigh bone fragments. Furthermore, Hughes modified the screen frame of his device with an inlay of white diamonds.

Hughes is no stranger to crafting luxury iPads; previously he created an iPhone 4S covered in gold and another iPad featuring rare black diamonds from Camael Diamonds – known for creating gilded electronics and luxury car key fobs.