The Google Pixel 6A – A Great 2022 Smartphone

By Dzhingarov

The Google Pixel 6A is a mid-range smartphone made by Google. It is part of the Pixel product line and was released in May of 2022.


The Google Pixel 6A is a mid-range smartphone that sits below the more expensive Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. It has a metal unibody with glass on both sides. This phablet offers a 6.1-inch screen with a 20:9 aspect ratio and a 2400 x 1080 resolution.

The Pixel 6A also features a Gorilla Glass 3 display panel. This helps protect the display from scratches and damage. The phone’s rear also sports a Gorilla Glass Victus, which is the toughest version of the Gorilla Glass.

In addition to the Gorilla Glass, the Pixel 6A has a fingerprint-resistant coating. On the back, there’s a camera bump that runs across the full width of the phone.

The Pixel 6A has a dual camera setup, a 12MP main lens with an f/1.7 aperture and a wide-angle lens. Both cameras have been upgraded.


Google’s Pixel 6A is one of the best mid-range camera phones in the market. It offers plenty of hardware and software features that make it a good choice for bargain hunters.

The main camera on the Pixel 6A uses a Sony IMX363 sensor, which has been on Google’s premium devices since the Pixel 2. This sensor offers a wide depth of field and accurate white balance.

The Pixel 6a’s selfie camera has an 8MP resolution and uses an f/2.0 lens. Like the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, it has laser-detect autofocus.

The 12MP ultra-wide camera on the Pixel 6A isn’t a standout, but it provides balanced, well-exposed photos that are consistent in color rendition and contrast. And it benefits from Google’s processing smarts.

It’s not exactly the best in class, but the Pixel 6a does a better job pulling details out of shadows than its sister model. In low light, its noise handling capabilities are on par with those of the Pixel 6 and its cousin.


The Google Pixel 6A is the most affordable member of the Google Pixel family. It is the most economical model, but it also has impressive specs.

One of the biggest draws of the Pixel 6A is its design. The front and back are connected by a matte black aluminum frame. Both are dustproof, IP67-rated and waterproof. The Pixel 6A comes with six gigabytes of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage. All these components help the device deliver high-end speed and efficiency.

With the Tensor processor, the Pixel 6A delivers a performance that rivals flagship phones. The chip offers a boost in processing power over the Snapdragon 765G used in the Pixel 4a. And it has a 370% faster GPU.

While the Pixel 6A is an excellent phone, it is not without its flaws. For starters, it does not have a microSD card slot. But its USB-C port is fast, and it includes USB OTG and Bluetooth 5.2. But, on the whole, you can do most you would want with Google Pixel 6A, even play casino games online.

Battery life

The battery life of the Pixel 6A is better than most modern smartphones, but it’s still below average. With a 4,680mAh cell, it lasted just over a day with moderate use. But with heavy use, it lasted a day and a half.

Pixel phones have a Battery Saver mode that automatically activates when the device’s battery is low. This mode disables non-essential systems, such as notifications and location services, and restricts background activity. It also has a special mode called Extreme Battery Saver that pauses most apps.

You can adjust the settings in your battery saver, limiting how many apps you can run at a time and turning it off when your battery is completely empty. However, this mode can actually be a lifesaver if you’re in a pinch.

IP67 rating

The Google Pixel 6A’s IP67 rating means that it is water resistant. This means that it will survive immersion in water for up to 30 minutes.

The rating is a measure of the device’s protection against ingress of water and airborne dust. It is important to note that the rating does not stay the same throughout the lifetime of the phone.

When the phone leaves the factory, it is rated with an IP67 rating. However, the rating will decline over time due to normal wear and tear. And, it will also be affected by repairs and disassembly.

The Pixel 6A can survive a submersion of up to one meter for thirty minutes. But, it should not be used for swimming or other activities in salt water.

To ensure that the Pixel 6A remains water-resistant, the phone will feature a “thermoformed composite” rear. This is a fiberglass frame surrounding a solid aluminum frame.