Samsung Galaxy Tab A3 Review

By Dzhingarov

Samsung Galaxy Tab A3 is a pretty good contender in the mid-range smartphone market that feels and looks quite a lot like a higher end model. The biggest advantages come in the design that is similar with S7, the great battery life and the fact that the device is completely dust and water resistant. However, display is just 720p, the software is not great and the camera does not offer great results.

The 2017 Samsung Galaxy A3 is much more similar in design with the higher range models. What was a particularly good move was to bring the premium design in the Galaxy S range to the entry-level models.

Premium Design

Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 has the familiar 3D glass curved back, a metal rim, slightly shimmery front bezels effect, IP68 certification and much more. Most people are not used to seeing such things on a cheaper smartphone.

Basically, Samsung takes great pride in the fact you will not see much difference between the higher end smartphone and the more affordable one. This becomes a clear reality for many since we have access to a 13 MP main gadget camera, fingerprint censor and a good custom CPU.

When you pick up the smartphone you will notice it is really great in your hand. The weight is 138 grams and thickness is just 7.9 mm. The only small design problem that can be mentioned is that the surface will feel a little slippery as you are taking the device out of your pocket.

If we are to look at most of the reviewers that put their hands on the Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 you will notice that there are various mixed feelings present. You get access to 720p resolution in Super AMOLED, which should be similar to the quality offered by the iPhone 7, but this is not actually the end result. Many users are already used to 1080p. Even so, given the price tag, it is not at all a problem.


The 2017 Samsung Galaxy A3 includes a 2,350 mAh battery that is going to last when moderately used for 2 days. If using the airplane mode the drain is faster than expected. The Galaxy S7 does have much more but we need to consider the fact that using the device will be as much as expected. Moderate use is going to be suitable and you will only have battery life problems when you are going to use the device more like when gaming or when watching videos.


You get a mobile device with the already mentioned 13 MP camera but you should not expect high quality images when faced with mixed lighting and using the auto mode. The good part of it all is that the HDR mode is highly accomplished. You will also gain access to an 8 MP selfie camera that is good enough, although lacking what you would normally expect.

Always be sure that you remain focused on optimum lighting when you take a photo or you might be disappointed with a grainy, blurry shot. This is not a flagship phone so do not expect great photographs.


On the whole, the 2017 Samsung Galaxy A3 is really well-balanced. It is similar in feeling with the high end Samsung Galaxy S7, even if it costs only have as much. Many of the great features the Galaxy S7 has are included but there are some problems with others. Even so, if you are looking for a great affordable smartphone, this one may do the trick. It is much better than what the average mobile phone user needs these days.