Really Interesting IPhone Apps You May Want To Download

By Adrian Cruce

Needless to say, there are hundreds of interesting iPhone apps that we could mention. Every single person in the world can find some that are perfect for many different activities and personal wishes. As you can easily imagine it is hard to make a list of interesting iPhone apps that would be perfect for everyone but we do hope that you will enjoy the ones below.

BargainBin With Push

This is a free app that was designed by Proximi Inc. It works for iPhones and will help you to basically locate deals that are great on the Apple App store. You receive a Push notification whenever there are price changes that may interest you so you know exactly when to buy in order to save money. Various extra features are available and you will surely like it in the event that you constantly find yourself buying apps. Download it HERE.


iDrink is basically a catalogue that is filled with many different drink recipes, thousands to be more exact. You can use voice search in order to see exactly how a particular cocktail is made and can even receive suggestion based on a particular ingredient that you want to use. Let’s say you only have vodka at home and you want to make a tasty drink for a lady you have over. Check out the search results and you will see what you can make. This app is also suitable as a bartender assist since it most likely includes the drinks that anyone may order. Download iDrink HERE for $5.99.

How To Text A Girl App

Just as the name implies, this app helps people text girls when they have no idea what to say. This interesting addition to your iPhone can help you with suggestions for anything from ice breakers to flirts and even ditching plans. How To Text A Girl might be a little old with the latest updated done in 2009 but it is still a lot of fun and might help out. For just $0.99 you basically gain access to a huge database of suggestions that you can use. Download it HERE.

Truth Or Dare

One of the simplest apps that you will find, all based on the game we all used to play when we were younger. It is perfect for teenagers that want to have some fun. You can use it to play the Truth Or Dare game without taking any responsibility. The names of the players are put into the app and you just shake the iPhone to make it work. Choose truth or dare and see what you have to do or answer to. Many hours of fun coming your way. Download it HERE for free.

Do Not Press The Red Button

There are many stories about pressing the red button and even cartoons made out of it. Now we also have an iPhone app. While we do believe that it should have been released for free since you only actually get to have fun the first 2 times that you go through the story of the Red Button (while not pressing it), the $3.99 is not that high if you just want to have some fun right now. Read more about it and download HERE.

Tips Master

A great app that offers a solution to an age long problem: how much should you tip? Tips Master takes into account the quality of the service that you received, server attitude, speed of service, food quality and the amount that you paid. Never worry about leaving wrong tips. This is a calculator that you can find to be really useful. Download it HERE for free.


This iPhone app is both useful and a lot of fun. You can use it in order to fake a call from someone so that you can get out of a date or just impress friends as you show them that a celebrity is calling. What is interesting is that the Fake Call you receive will even include video or audio so it looks 100% legit. If you have no idea what to respond to the videos recorded, just read the script before you use the fake call feature. Download it for free HERE.

Mirror Free

10 million downloads and still counting. Ain’t that something? Although it is a free app, Mirror Free does manage to help out with a problem that so many women have around the world: the lack of a mirror when they need one. Whether you just need a mirror to check out your looks or take a selfie that you really like, this is the free app for you. Download it HERE.


Let’s face it! Most women out there already know absolutely all pickup lines. They heard them in the past and they do not actually appreciate them. iPickupLines is different because it only offers really funny pickup lines that the ladies will love. They will not want to instantly hook up with you but you have a perfect ice breaker so that you actually have a chance. The jokes are light hearted and you can download iPickupLines HERE.

18,000 Cool Jokes

Just as the name implies, this is an iPhone app that delivers 18,000 jokes you can have stored on your device for just $0.99. It is a perfect app in the event that that you regularly find yourself without a joke to say or if you just do not know that many to start with. Over 2 million people downloaded the app and have fun right now. Download it HERE.

What iPhone Apps Do You Love?

While internet marketers focus on creating apps for augmenting ROI, regular people just want apps do want apps that they can use on a day to day basis. That is obvious. Tell us about the apps that you think are great, interesting or that you simply find yourself using a lot of times daily. With hundreds of thousands of apps available, we surely missed something that you love a lot.