Phone apps for business

By Dzhingarov

There’s an app for pretty much everything these days. And, while many of them range from the frivolous to the silly, there are lots more that are genuinely practical, helping you to organise your working day and keep track of all your business needs. With many of us now working flexible hours, or catching up with industry news on the daily commute, the apps which have been developed to help busy businesses have never been so useful. Even Prime Minister David Cameron uses a specially designed app to help him run the country. And, while you might not be able to get your hands on that app, here are some of our favourites that you can use for your business:

Personal Safety App Businesses

With many businesses requiring their employees to work alone, often at unsociable hours of the day, it’s imperative for firms to make sure their workers are safe. That’s where lone worker safety app companies come in. For example Lookout Call lone worker safety app has a simple, yet effective alarm system which alerts colleagues immediately if someone they work with is overdue from an appointment, or if they need emergency assistance.

With advances now are in the mobile technology industry there are for example lone worker safety mobile smartphone apps, some are free to existing users of services if you research around for the most effective application. Even if your phone is damaged or turned off, your contacts will still be alerted if you need help. You can request assistance at any point or use the timer facility which allows you to leave a message detailing where you are and why, before starting a countdown. If your countdown reaches the end, your colleagues will be informed by Lookout Call that you are in need of help.

Audio Memos

If you’re tired of all those post-it notes cluttering up your desk, or your shorthand simply isn’t up to taking notes during meetings, the Audio Memos app could be perfect for you. Available for Apple and Android, it turns your smartphone into a high-end audio recorder that you can use if you want to keep a record of ideas as they occur to you – particularly useful in creative industries when you never know when inspiration might strike – or to record meetings to give you an accurate transcript of what was said. Your audio file can then be sent directly to your email, or to Dropbox if you wish to share with colleagues working in other locations.

Business Analytics

While information is the lifeblood of any business, it needs to be presented in the right way if you, colleagues and clients, are to be able to properly understand and analyse your data. Roambi Analytics takes hard-to-read data from anywhere and turns it into charts and graphs that let you see its significance at-a-glance. You can, for example, track expenditure on a pie chart, view website hits on a line graph or see share prices on a bar chart – helping you to see where the patterns and trends lie in your business, and to spot any potential issues.

Professional Networking

No round-up of business apps could miss out the ultimate business social network. Available for pretty much all mobile platforms, LinkedIn’s free app makes it easy to stay connected with all its features while on the move. You can stay up-to-date with people in your network; search for people, jobs, companies and groups; or follow influencers to get insights from industry leaders in your stream. So, if you’re heading to a conference or interview, you can make sure your knowledge of industry issues is up-to-the-minute, an advantage which surely must impress potential contacts and employers.

Travel Apps

If you travel a lot for business, then keeping track of where you’re meant to be, and when, can be tricky when you’re trying to coordinate flights, car hire, hotel check-ins, conferences and meetings. Tripit organises your trip for you, presenting your agenda on a timeline and a map. You can also share your travel plans with contacts, colleagues, family and friends, so they know whether your flight is on time, and when you’re scheduled to arrive. If you travel in the same areas as co-workers, you can also share tips such as which restaurants to go to and how best to get to conference venues.

With so many business apps on the market, choosing one, or several, should be a question of whether they are going to save time, or money, making life easier for you and your firm.

By Boris Dzhingarov