What Do We Know Now About The Apple Watch?

By Dzhingarov

The Apple Watch stands out as the very first major platform that is new and that is announced since Tim Cook became CEO. With an official launch date announced for early 2015, we are faced with a product that can be interesting but that has so many features that we do not really know much about. With this in mind, let us only think about what we already know:

User Interface

apple watch 2

The main feature you will notice is the Crown, which is basically a rotary dial. It is not like the older click wheel models that appeared in the first generation of the iPod. It includes added functionality like rotating through lists, zooming out and in or acting like the home key. A part of the user interface is touch response and pressure sensitivity enhancement is included. To put it simple, the Apple Watch knows when you press for a context sensitive response or when you just tap.

You can dictate in order to respond to messages or even post messages on Twitter. Siri is included and would be activated by holding down the digital crown.

One interesting feature is the inclusion of Taptic Engine, which can measure haptic feedback. This means that this watch can actually realize it when you will raise the watch, it can sense your heartbeat and will vibrate in order to offer some directions.

Apple Watch Operating System

apple watch

The apps on the Apple Watch will be arranged in circular icons and you can arrange them as you see fit through dragging and touching. When you swipe, you will see a glances menu, which basically sees notifications you set.

You can easily set up many different things in this operating system. There are some watch faces that you can select but we do expect many others in the near future.

Fitness And Health

apple watch 3

Apple Watch will be really good as a fitness aid, which will, most likely, be a great selling point of the gadget. It will use GPS, haptic data and heart rate monitor in order to help people monitor fitness goals. The health features are basically divided in Workout Apps and Fitness Apps. They are already included but we do need to put our hands on them in order to see exactly how they act.

Customization Options

apple watch 4

There are three Apple Watch editions that correlate with the metal used in the construction:

  • Watch – custom stainless steel allow
  • Watch Sport – light anondized aluminum
  • Watch Edition – 18 karat gold

When referring to the band, you have 6 options:

  • Sportband
  • Magnetized leather strap
  • Stainless steel link bracelet
  • Leather strap – classic buckle
  • Leather strap – modern buckle
  • Milanese loop

Other Facts Of Interest

This is where problems may appear. We do not know much about battery life but when we compare with similar gadgets on the market, it is something we have to consider as important as there is no device that offers great battery life.

There is a WatchKit available for developers but we do not know much about it.

When referring to prices, the Apple Watch will start at $349. We do not know what upgrades will cost or how much hard disk space will be occupied.

You can use the Apple Watch to control the Apple TV and if Apple Pay works great, it will be included as a connection through Apple Watch. That will be possible only if a fingerprint reader will be implemented.