Is 5G Safe?

By Dzhingarov

If you were asked the question “Is 5G safe?” you would want to know the truth as quickly as possible. The truth is, there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding this topic. In particular, there is a big concern over whether or not radiation from cell phone technology is causing health problems in users. There are a number of different theories out there, but the reality is, we just don’t know.

is 5G safe

The short answer is, at the very least, the 5G is safe for most humans. The longer answer is that while it is unlikely that radiation from cell phones could cause cancer in humans, it is certainly possible that a connection between cell phone radiation and various health effects is there. The only way to be completely sure is by repeating the same old argument over: that the science is unclear and the evidence is insufficient. That is, there is more scientific research that is being done every year, and while the studies continue to go on, there is not much that is conclusive.

Despite what you might read on the internet or in the press about how certain experts think that cell phone radiation is bad for your health, the real answer is “that it really depends”. Those who agree with the consensus view point to the consistent results of numerous scientific studies performed around the world. On the other side of the debate are those that believe that scientific studies have been unable to duplicate the results and that the consensus is correct – 5G is not safe. So, what are the different results that you should be aware of?

First, there is the question of whether or not there is a negative effect associated with the 5G. As the name implies, this technology utilizes a wireless communications network in order to facilitate communication between two or more devices. With some carriers in particular, this technology has allowed users to receive top quality sound quality and video. Many people argue that they have seen an increase in productivity and lower phone bills. The truth is that the effects of cell phone radiation have been overhyped, especially when comparing the results of scientific studies to the more common anecdotal experiences people have had with this technology.

Scientists conducting scientific studies will often test the effectiveness of new technologies by having participants use these networks for a set amount of time without any interference from other electromagnetic devices. The devices used in these tests will vary, but typically a microphone is used to track the electromagnetic fields created by the devices and their connection to one another. After testing is complete, the researchers will determine whether or not the presence of the other devices has had an effect on the results. The conclusion will usually indicate that the presence of these devices has had no effect on the test results, therefore concluding that the use of 5g is safe.

For many people living in the United Kingdom and other parts of the world, the amount of scientific proof indicating that the use of mobile phones and other mobile devices is safe is starting to come into question. Part of this conclusion is due to the fact that cell phone manufacturers are continually introducing newer generations of phones with increased levels of self-exposure. The question is whether or not these devices pose less of a risk to consumers when newer generations have already been released. Manufacturers have refused to release data supporting their claims that their products are safe due to the fact that they would be required by law to perform studies on their products before selling them. Without hard evidence to back their claims, many are left to speculate about whether or not 5G electromagnetic fields pose a greater risk to consumers than traditional devices.