How To Create A Perfect Live Streaming Setup

By Adrian Cruce

How To Create A Perfect Live Streaming Setup

Live streaming grew a lot in the past few years and it is very easy to understand why. It is a wonderful way to spread a message across, cultivate a relationship with followers and increase brand awareness. These are just some of the reasons why people now stream on YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram and more.

You can be a content creator, influencer, artist or businessman. It does not matter since live streaming is beneficial in countless industries and niches. There are numerous situations in which live events can be streamed but you can only do that if you have a proper live streaming setup.

Basic Live Streaming Setup

For a basic live streaming setup, you will need the following.

WiFi Camera Setups

This can be a webcam, tablet or smartphone. Optionally, you can use a tripod. Such a camera is perfect for podcasts and video blogs.

The fastest and easiest way to go live is to use what you have right now. A single camera setup makes it really easy to connect to the online world and you can stream on all the social media sites and video gaming platforms that you want. You just need some apps to do this.

The only problem with the WiFi camera setup is that there are obvious limitations. Some are: continuous recording, plain recording and low-quality videos.

Single HD Camera Setups

For this setup you will need:

  • An HD Camcorder or Video Camera
  • Video encoder
  • Tripod
  • Portable WiFi Device

Such a setup is perfect for events, smaller seminars, podcasts and video blogs. It offers a stream that looks more polished thanks to the professional video camera that you use. Videos will be of a higher resolution so you can reuse them in many future projects.

Dedicated video cameras are definitely better for live streaming, better than DLSRs. However, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars on the high-end options. The only situations in which that is the case is when you actually know how to use these devices and you want to frequently use them.

The standalone camera that can broadcast and record indoor vlogs, podcasts and more is what you want.

Multi-Camera Setups

For such a setup you will need:

  • Multiple HD camcorders or HD video cameras
  • Video Encoder
  • Tripods
  • Audio mixer
  • Portable WiFi device
  • Computer graphics software

Such a setup is recommended for concerts, theater plays, surveillance and much more. Basically, you need this when you stream larger events in larger venues. More video production hardware is necessary. A single HD camera is simply not enough. Also, other devices that can consolidate video and audio signals for web broadcast will be needed.

With multiple cameras you can easily capture videos from different angles. This means the content you create is more engaging. The lower quality cameras are also wonderful for surveillance purposes, when you need something like this.

Setting Up The Live Streaming Equipment You Have

Having live streaming equipment is nothing if you do not set it up properly. Due to this, you need to be aware of the following facts.

Understanding Video Broadcasting Needs

What do you want to broadcast? Do you want to run a simple vlog or broadcast a concert? By figuring out broadcasting needs you can quickly figure out what live streaming setup and equipment are needed. After all, you want the best possible results.

Don’t Underestimate Tripods

It does not matter what setup you want. You always need a reliable and sturdy tripod. This allows for much easier and faster streaming. Also, you can eliminate the horrible camera movements that will distract people from content and make viewers feel really dizzy.

Perfect Video Encoding Options

As you use the video camera and not a webcam or a smartphone, it is time to look for a good encoding device that can convert videos into digital formats that are suitable for web broadcast. Computers that use encoding software are often used but hardware encoders are also an option. The software needs adapters or some sort of capture device for you to connect the video camera to the computer.

Keep in mind that hardware encoders for complex streaming are expensive. This is why many start broadcasting with just single camera setups since an encoder for that is usually around $250.

Do You Need An Audio Mixer?

Having really great video is practically nothing if sound quality is very bad. When using a simple setup, you just need an extra microphone that is connected to the camera. However, when you have multiple audio sources in place, a mixer is necessary for live streaming broadcast. Fortunately, audio mixers are not at all expensive.

Adding Graphics And Text

We all see live news telecasts and notice opening billboards and special intros. These are created with the use of software capable of incorporating overlays, lyrics, animations and anything else you want. As your live streaming is improved, you need to be sure that you have software that can add text and graphics.

High-Speed Internet

No matter what you might initially think, video capture is a small part of live broadcasting. If you want the live stream to be a real success, you need a reliable and fast WiFi connection. Never connect to any random in-house internet every single person uses. This is true even if the connection is fast. The very best option for you is the portable WiFi router. Its stability is what you need when live streaming.

Final Thoughts

At first glance, live streaming seems to be really simple. The problem is that it is not at all simple. You need to think about everything that was mentioned above and so much more. However, everything starts with getting the right equipment for the job you had in mind.