How To Buy The Best Spy Camera For You

By Adrian Cruce

spy camera buying guide

You might need to buy a spy camera due to many different reasons. No matter what the reason is, you surely want to make a really good choice. Hidden cameras are nowadays very accessible even for regular people, not just for police forces, some big brands or private investigators.

Spy cameras give you the evidence needed in countless situations without problems or stress. Even so, the number of choices is quite limited so you want to be careful when you make the correct choice. Choosing the very best possible spy camera is all about the following really important things that you have to consider.

What The Spycam Will Be Used For

Before even thinking about choosing a spy camera you need to acknowledge what you will use this gadget for. Some of the really popular reasons why people use spy cameras include:

  • Increasing home security
  • Protecting assets
  • Protecting an individual
  • Finding proof of infidelity
  • Preventing crime
  • Business purposes
  • Investigations
  • Mistreatment proof
  • Entertainment
  • Daily recordings
  • Insurance claims

Every single one of the situations mentioned has a spy camera that is a perfect fit. As an example, if you want to prove infidelity, a WiFi spy camera disguised in a lamp might be all that you actually need and it would be a great fit. For the insurance claim, minicameras that prove driving are better suited. Daily recordings are easier with body-worn spy cameras. The list of examples can continue but you get the idea.

Type Of Spy Camera Needed

After figuring out what the spy camera is for, it is time to think about the exact device type necessary. Many hidden camera categories exist and you have to consider them.

Mini Spy Cameras

Such spy cameras are inconspicuous and really powerful. They can even be fitted inside small boxes that are the size of a small coin so it is very easy to hide them. The cameras are versatile and can be utilized in any environment, from offices to bedrooms. Move them around when you need to film something else, just to get a perfect view.

Disguised Covert Spy Cameras

These hidden spy cameras are put inside an object so they are disguised. Examples include smoke alarms, lamps and radios. In so many cases the objects actually work. The radio will work as a radio. Spy cameras inside just use the exact same energy source. There are also some models that include a battery.

The disguised covert spy cameras are left in the desired area for a period of time and cannot arouse suspicion. The best example of such a device is the popular nanny camera, which is often used to spy on the babysitter.

Body-Worn Spy Cameras

The body-worn spy cameras are often disguised as regular objects you would carry on you, like a pen or a watch. They can record events while you do regular day-to-day activities. Some use these on the streets while others want to record business meetings.

WiFi Spy Cameras

A WiFi spy camera allows you to see recorded or live footage whenever you want to from any device that can be connected to the internet. Access to the footage is offered through software on a computer, tablet or smartphone. You can easily respond to some real-time situations like a burglar coming inside your home.

Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

These are not necessarily spy cameras as they are meant to offer protection but they are small enough to not be noticed by others. Those that are filmed do not realize that recording happens.

Spy Camera Positioning

You need to think about where the spy camera is going to be placed since this helps you make a correct choice. As an example, when you want to monitor a car, you need to often place the device outdoors. This practically means that the spy camera has to be waterproof. Preferably, it also needs infrared recording so it can record when placed in darkness.

Choose the device that cannot be detected while thinking about the chosen setting. All this while you get a really clear view, one that has proper light, quality and angles.

Some Important Things To Consider

What is the kind of video that is needed? Spy cameras often offer really high quality footage but there are many that manage to offer HD quality. Maybe you would want to utilize a device that is motion-activated so you do not end up watching a lot of empty footage.

The two important questions to ask yourself are:

  • What is the desired access?

Is it your wish to view footage from the included memory card on a computer or do you want to see it live through WiFi? There are spy gadgets for all possible needs so do take your time to make your final choice.

  • Who should see videos?

When spy cameras are meant to offer some sort of proof, sharing footage might be needed. You would need to do this with courts, insurance companies or the police. This is why you have to think about access and who can actually see the videos.

Where Should You Buy The Spy Camera?

Spy cameras are important investments. Due to them being so popular, they are nowadays available in various different stores, both online and offline. The two main shopping options to consider are:

  • Dedicated Spy Equipment Stores

This guarantees that the best possible spy cameras are purchased since you can often talk to a representative of the seller to find a perfect fit. However, you should expect to pay more for the privilege.

  • Online Stores

Obviously, you can buy your spy cameras from online stores that sell many different things. Amazon is the very first online store to come to mind. The only downfall is that you will need to conduct your very own research and you are completely responsible for the choice.