How Mac Users Can Increase Remote Work Efficiency

By Dzhingarov

If you are working remotely and have a MacBook, there are quite a few ways to increase your productivity. It is no secret that not everyone is thriving when they have to carry out work-related tasks from home—a place we associate with leisure.

Mastering your computer helps get the work done faster, and it should be a good enough reason to become better at using your MacBook. Here are some tips for that.

Take and Send Screenshots

Exchanging information with clients and colleagues should take as little time as possible to get things moving forward. These days, most businesses use instant communication tools, such as Slack and other chat platforms. Sending an email is not as efficient because you are unlikely to get an immediate response.

When you have the tools to exchange information, you can look for methods to speed the process even more.

For example, instead of typing out a problem or explaining it in a video call, you can send screenshots. Visual information is easier to digest. Besides, taking a screenshot on a MacBook and sending a picture is quite simple.

According to, Mac users can take a screenshot by using Alt + Shift + 3 (for the whole screen) and Alt + Shift + 4 (for the selected screen area). Third-party software, such as CleanShot X, is an option, but a keyboard shortcut should be enough.

Maintain Computer in Good Condition

Maintaining the MacBook in good condition should not be a problem. When the laptop is still new, you will not notice performance troubles so long as there are no defects from the manufacturer’s end.

However, after a while, things are likely to change. Slower loading time, random crashes, freezes, and overheating are some of the problems you can expect to encounter.

To avoid such issues, create a maintenance routine that includes:

  • Cleaning the dust inside the MacBook
  • Deleting redundant data to free up drive storage
  • Limiting background processes
  • Disabling visual effects
  • Decluttering the desktop

Invest in Accessories

Some Mac owners might find it easier to work if they invest in accessories. For example, you could get a new keyboard that makes it easier to type. A mouse that replaces the trackpad is worth consideration as well.

If you prefer to listen to music while working, a pair of wireless earplugs is bound to provide you with better sound.

Finally, if your MacBook is overheating and making loud noises while you are stuck in a poorly ventilated room, get a cooling pad.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Other than the aforementioned keyboard shortcuts to take screenshots, you should also check the official Apple support website that has a list of available macOS keyboard shortcuts.

There is no need to learn every single available keyboard shortcut, but you would improve the overall efficiency by memorizing more sequences.

Overcommunicate With Your Colleagues

While working with others, emphasize communication. Do not presume that your coworkers will remember. You should expect the opposite and repeat important things multiple times. Otherwise, negligence will lead to potential errors.

Also, use Zoom for video calls and stick to communication platforms that let users exchange messages immediately.

Get Rid of Distractions

There are quite a few potential distractions on a MacBook that disrupt your workflow. Instead of focusing on your job, you might be interested in playing video games or surfing the net.

Try to avoid procrastination and eliminate potential temptations like video games. For instance, you could delete video game shortcuts, so they are not in the way.

Other than procrastination sources, you should also consider notifications that might be popping now and then. Disabling them on the MacBook will leave you with fewer things to worry about.

Set Reminders

Take advantage of the MacBook reminder feature and create a list of reminders you receive. Whether it is work-related matters or a time when you need to take a break, a reminder will allow you not to miss an important meeting or take a breather from working too much.

Switch Your Work Location

As a MacBook owner, you have the privilege of working from different locations. Make use of the computer’s portability and work on your sofa or go outside if possible. A new location will be a great change of pace, even if it is only for a little while.

Consume Educational Material

It is no secret that finding a balance between work and leisure is a must to be efficient. After all, if working is everything you do, it will not be too long before you burn out and suffer.

Some people find watching movies or TV shows to be relaxing. For others, it is video games. But how about improving your skills and consuming available courses online? If you like learning, check the available educational material on the internet and use that as a hobby and a means to improve yourself.