How Cloud-Based Hosted Phone Systems Work

By Dzhingarov

A hosted phone system is simply a telephone set up that operates through an online connection. You can select between either of the two hosted PBX systems available to you. Both of these set ups can meet your business requirements, though being achieved differently. While both systems offer the ability to conduct business, there is more provided by one of them. This article will provide insight on the differences and benefits you may not find valuable.

hosted phone system

When choosing between a hosted phone system and a traditional phone system, you may be wondering why you should choose the latter. There are many advantages and benefits of the former over the latter. Hosted telephone service providers will be able to supply you with an entire line of digital equipment for use. This equipment will not take up any physical space in your building and can be moved around at any given time. If you are running a restaurant or similar business, having a properly functioning phone system provides the means for your employees to connect to the company at all times and in any way they see fit.

Also, with a hosted phone system you have the opportunity to utilize a data centre. Many businesses are moving to this solution as well, though most are using them exclusively. A data centre can help your business cut costs and get rid of excess electricity costs as it helps to keep all of your telecommunication equipment in one central location. In addition, your equipment is protected from weather or fire damage which could potentially destroy data contained on your devices. The majority of hosted phone systems are based on a digital network rather than a traditional phone system.

Both hosted phone systems and voip phone systems allow users to send and receive voice traffic. VoIP is a method of communication which enables users to transmit sound via IP packets over the internet. This technology is not only more effective but also allows businesses to place their phone calls anywhere in the world at an affordable price. Many businesses have found that they are able to save thousands of dollars every month when switching over to a hosted system.

Many businesses have also found that they are able to significantly reduce the amount of time that there is a delay in their communications. With a hosted phone system they are able to reduce the delays that often occur when talking on cell phones, and they are able to avoid the dropped calls and missed calls which are common with some landline phones. The hosted phones offer a high-tech solution to an old fashioned business phone service. Some of the hosted phone systems are also compatible with the classic POTS (personal digital assistant) models.

Providing the same functions as traditional landline phones, a hosted phone system provides a cheaper and more efficient means of communicating for both small businesses and larger corporations. These systems have also been found to improve employee productivity since most of the companies find that the time that is used on various phone lines is used to communicate with other employees instead of wasting time chatting on their personal phones. When switching from the older POTS models to the cloud-based services, there are a few things that must be kept in mind. These include; the portability factor, whether you want your voice mail included in the package, how many simultaneous calls are allowed, and the bandwidth limit.