Choosing a Stream Deck

By Dzhingarov

Stream decks may seem intimidating to novice streamers, but they can streamline your workflow significantly. A smart switcher with multiple key configurations will save time and effort compared to using several applications separately.

A Stream Deck can help you launch playlists, website blockers and Pomodoro-style timers – here are some tips to help select the appropriate one:


Stream decks are indispensable tools for streamers looking to manage both software and hardware efficiently. Acting like programmable keyboards, these devices enable you to use one keystroke to trigger actions – launch apps, muted microphone in video calls, turn lights on/off or post to social media – or post directly from within them! They’re an efficient way to manage streaming setup and make working-from-home experiences much more efficient.

Stream decks come in different sizes and can be customized with various functions to meet individual needs. For instance, you could add a macro that automatically opens a website or app when you press a button, create multiple actions which run multiple commands at the same time or even utilize jog dials for audio input/output adjustments.

Elgato’s Stream Deck line of stream decks is among the most widely-used on the market, featuring customizable buttons for everything from muting a camera during video calls to powering on lights. Their latest model, the Stream Deck Plus, takes things even further by featuring touchscreen controls and bank of rotary dials.

While originally designed for streamers, the Stream Deck line can be utilized by anyone working from home and needs access to commonly used applications quickly and conveniently. Not only does the device feature programmable buttons that can quickly launch applications but it’s also capable of connecting via USB and features an adjustable magnetic stand with different angles for easy desk placement.

The Stream Deck may be expensive, but its convenience and functionality justify its cost. If streaming isn’t your cup of tea, cheaper alternatives such as Macro Pad provide similar experiences but with different aesthetics.

The Stream Deck is an impressive piece of equipment that can make home working a lot less stressful. With it you can easily control your most frequently-used applications and save both time and effort with repetitive tasks. Furthermore, its ability to quickly launch programs or tabs in browsers saves you from clicking through long lists manually.


Stream Decks are pieces of hardware with programmable buttons that connect to your computer and can be used to control a range of software programs and services, such as OBS, eCamm Live, YouTube, Twitch, Phillips Hue and Apple Shortcuts. While often employed by streamers for managing video game recordings during livestreams, stream decks may also come in handy when setting up multiple apps at the same time or setting a countdown timer.

Dependent upon the type of stream deck you select, you may be able to customize the icons that appear on each button for easier identification of their function at a glance. Furthermore, assign multiple actions per button so as to create complex workflows or automation sequences which would otherwise be difficult or impossible using keyboard shortcuts alone. Furthermore, stream decks support AutoHotkey which enables assigning any keyboard shortcut as a function key.

Not many people realize it, but stream decks also serve an additional useful function: quickly muzzling microphones when using headsets that require touching them to mull them. They also help quickly launch programs which usually open in a Tetris-like configuration on desktops like audio mixers and Zoom call apps.

Use a stream deck to add overlays or graphics to your videos on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, helping to brand your channel and increase audience engagement. A custom background image or animated text can add even more personality and make the stream stand out amongst competitors.

Use a stream deck to add music or sound effects to your video, creating excitement or keeping viewers interested during game recording sessions. Many streamers even utilize this method for managing their playlists during broadcast.


Customizing a stream deck offers many possibilities. First and foremost is selecting a device compatible with your software and broadcasting platform, to ensure the commands you assign each button are executed as intended and consistently. Second is considering aesthetics; some users prefer minimalist designs without unnecessary text or buttons. Thirdly consider your intended usage of the stream deck and what functions will be necessary.

Add a button that launches video editing software – this can save time and effort when post-producing your content, making the process of gathering together your media more manageable and organized.

Another useful function is being able to quickly test your internet speed. By having an easy way of quickly testing it, it will help prevent technical difficulties during live streams, ensuring viewers remain engaged without losing interest or having to stop streaming early due to viewer drop off.

Producing high-quality streaming content can be time consuming for new streamers. A stream deck is designed to make content creation faster by giving access to all your tools in one convenient location and offering customizable options so it fits with your style and preferences.

While a stream deck may not be appropriate for every situation, it can make an enormous impactful on your workflow. By taking out some of the guesswork associated with keyboard shortcuts and making nested menus simpler to access, stream decks can improve productivity by eliminating the need to constantly glance away from your monitor and maintain concentration.

Stream decks are programmable hardware devices that connect to your computer, enabling you to control services like OBS, eCamm Live, YouTube, Twitch, Phillips Hue and Apple Shortcuts with just the press of a button. Most streamers utilize stream decks as part of their streamer workflow in order to make streaming easier; stream decks also help make transitioning between game modes and environments much smoother and adjusting camera settings, changing colors or uploading a prerecorded clip can all be accomplished much more quickly than searching keyboard shortcuts or manually changing keyboard shortcuts manually.


Stream decks can be an indispensable asset to gamers looking to maximize productivity while gaming video games. Used for launching programs or creating shortcuts for actions like switching scenes, stream decks can also play sound effects like slow claps and ba-dum-tsss as well as launch programs or create shortcuts with one simple press of a button. They’re easy to use and customizable to your specific gaming needs – plus available from many retailers including Amazon!

A stream deck is an LCD keyboard with user-assignable LCD keys that can be programmed to perform various actions, from launching websites and entering text blocks, to controlling features in OBS Studio applications like OBS Pro Studio. Furthermore, users can create their own library of symbols or icons for each button – the original model costs $150 USD while alternative options with more buttons can also be purchased.

The new Stream Deck Plus may cost slightly more than its predecessor, but it offers many additional useful features. Each LCD key can be programmed for specific actions using Stream Deck software; its build is solid and feels expensive to the touch; and its mini LCD screens make reading them from far away simple and clear.

The Stream Deck app includes plugins for many popular third-party apps and services, including OBS, Twitch, Twitter, XSplit and YouTube. There are also plugins to control other devices such as Philips Hue and LIFX with this application; timers can even help remind users when an appointment or meeting has ended! Ultimately this makes keeping track of appointments or meetings simple!

The Stream Deck can help boost productivity, providing an alternative to a standard keyboard. But it may not be for everyone; particularly if you don’t need lots of hotkeys. If you want an all-in-one device such as Auto Hotkeys or another macro-based program.