Candy Crush Fever: What Makes the Candy Crush Saga So Addictive?

By Dzhingarov

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga has exploded onto the mobile gaming scene creating a candy-coated frenzy and becoming one of the most popular mobile games in the world. Every time you turn around, one of your friends is complaining about being stuck on level 88 for a week or not having enough friend tickets to get on the train to Peppermint Palace. Each time you log into your Facebook account, you undoubtedly have several notifications regarding extra lives or requests for additional moves. Perhaps you play it already and notice that you often think to yourself, “Just one more level!” So what makes Candy Crush Saga so appealing?

Candy Crush Saga provides a unique experience that many matching games do not offer. Each level is a unique puzzle designed with varying, complex obstacles and goals. One level may ask you to clear the level of several candied obstacles in order to progress. Another may require you to achieve a specific number of points in a limited amount of time. Each level takes place in an alluring, candy-themed setting, such as the Pudding Pagoda or the Gingerbread Glade. These episodes get progressively more challenging as you continue through the game with increasing amounts of obstacles. Some of the obstacles that you’ll need to overcome in order to advance are the encroaching chocolates and the licorice cages. Candy Crush Saga will also reward you with several bonuses and power-ups depending on how well you match the candies. Try different combinations to see what you can come up with.


Why everybody likes Candy Crush Saga?

The Social Factor

The most appealing part of the game is how social it has become. After syncing your Facebook account to the game, you are able to receive extra lives from your Facebook friends and send them rewards for doing well in the game. The game will notify you of friends who may be struggling on a level, allowing you to send power-ups and boosts to help them. There is also a beautifully vivid game board where you can view your friends’ progress in the game. It’s almost like playing a real life board game with all of your Facebook friends.


Candy Crush Detox?

In the beginning, Candy Crush Saga seems like a delightful escape into a wondrous candy land. However it can get very addicting — and even overwhelming — as you progress through the episodes and hidden mysteries. Like many mobile games, you should definitely be aware of what you are tapping on the screen. The game likes to sneak in and tempt you with the option to purchase extra lives, bonus moves, and power-ups using real world money. So make sure you avoid the sugar high and beware of the in-game candy shop where some sweet bonuses can cost up to $30! If you find yourself in a sticky situation and having difficulty getting through a level, you should definitely take a break and devise a strategy. Perhaps you’d even like to try similar games to help increase your candy crushing skills. Here are 3 more mobile games that you might like if you’ve got Candy Crush Saga fever:


Candy Crush Saga Fever alternatives

1.       Bejeweled Blitz

You have 60 seconds on the clock and must detonate as many jewels as possible. Earn power-ups and rare gems to clear large amounts of gems at one time. Multipliers, Scramblers, and Speed gems will help you rack up points and get ahead of the competition.

2.       Diamond Dash

This game gives you 60 seconds to match as many colorful diamonds as possible. It offers a weekly tournament where you can go head to head with friends to see who can get the most points. This fast-paced puzzle game offers magical boosts to help clear the board faster.

3.       Pet Rescue Saga

This game is developed by King, the same developer that created Candy Crush Saga. Pet Rescue Saga will have you destroying multicolored boxes by moving similar colors in a group of three or more. By doing so you will be able to rescue the cute little pets trapped within the puzzle. Like Candy Crush Saga, there are a variety of bonuses and power-ups that you can gain access to as you increase your skill level.

By John Coyle