Best Hi Tech Grilling Gadgets

By Adrian Cruce

So many love barbecues and since you are here, you are surely one of them. The great thing about grilling is that it is a social thing and the food is always delicious when cooked right. Obviously, as technology advanced at a really fast pace, we do have access to many gadgets that are great for hi tech grilling. We can actually mention so many of them. However, we will just remain focused on some that you are going to absolutely love.

Lighting Gadgets


Grilling is basically impossible without flames and the best barbecues are going to use charcoal. Lighting charcoal with the use of matches is really difficult. We all hate lighter fluid so we will want to use some gadgets, like the Looflighter, which is a handheld gadget that will ignite wood, briquettes and charcoal. The gadget is going to light your fire in just around 1 minute.

Alternatively, you can try BBQ Dragon. This is another tool that is just $50 and that can accelerate, control and start fires. It is a clamp-on fan that is heavy duty and that has a variable motor. Use it to control air flow, making the fire better for your steaks.

Actual Cooking Gadgets


The truth is that many make mistakes when grilling because they do not realize when meat is actually done. If you cannot do this automatically, you will want to check temperature. Smart thermometers make sense with iGrill Mini being cheap and really interesting. The gadget will use wired probes to measure meat temperature while cooking. What is really interesting with this gadget is that it will connect to the iOS device you have and will let you know when meat is done even if you are on the porch sipping on your favourite cocktail.

In the event that you have the money and you want a really serious cooking upgrade, you can go for SmartGrill, which is offered by Lynx. This is a gas grill that will actually automatically cook your food based on preferences. Connect to your mobile device and choose the recipe that you want to cook. Then, you will be able to follow specific instructions and end up with really tasty meals you will surely love.

The last option that we want to highlight is a very interesting app that contains over 300 recipes you will love. The app is called On The Grill and allows you to get the cooking done properly while also creating a suitable shopping list and even emailing recipes that you love to other people.