Best Healthcare Apps Patients Can Use Right Now

By Toma Bonev

We see a constant increase in the use of mobile apps in MedTech, eHealth, and healthcare. New healthcare apps are actually being built every single day. Obviously, some are a whole lot better than others. In fact, the list of the best healthcare apps for doctors is different than the list of the best healthcare apps for patients. We will here focus on the patients.

Healthcare Apps

Wellness and health apps are all considered to be healthcare apps. They are similar but there are some differences between them. We can offer the following two definitions:

  • Health App – Mobile software that tracks, treats, or diagnoses diseases.
  • Wellness App – Mobile software that tracks or enhances a user’s overall health. This includes apps that address physical, mental, environmental, spiritual, and social factors related to health.

Healthcare Apps Benefits

The need of patients is ever-changing so healthcare providers need mobile healthcare application development to help users and be ahead of competition. Providers team up with the digital experts in order to both design and then build mobile experiences that can enhance patient loyalty. Obviously, this impacts current and future revenues.

Right now, patients are using smartphones for video call examinations, health advice, prescriptions, and tracking overall health. The healthcare apps offer huge convenience that is valued by patients. Mobile healthcare technology innovations give access to immediate individualized care access, reduced patient costs, and the possibility to better control one’s health.

What To Look For In A Healthcare App For Patients

As you surely figured out, you cannot simply create a mobile app and expect it to be great and appreciated by patients. And as patients, there are surely some things that are more important to you than others. With this in mind, here’s what you should look for in a healthcare app:


A healthcare app needs to be really easy to use. While it cannot be as simple as an infrared thermometer, patients need to be able to quickly figure out how every single feature is to be utilized. Apps can have incredible functionalities but if they are not accessible, they become useless.

In health apps, patients need to be able to save time on changing, booking, and cancelling appointments. In wellness apps, patients need to be able to quickly track data, review it, and share it with health practitioners whenever necessary.


Actionable and clear information needs to be provided for users. This practically means that apps will always fail when they do not take the patients with their disabilities into account. Catering to the needs of all the potential users is the secret to success.

You download a healthcare app to learn more about your condition, causes, and, of course, take actions. Apps must thus offer interactive tools that will keep you engaged. Individualized care is preferred.


The AJMC showed that close to 75% of ER, doctors, and urgent care visits would easily be handled by video or phone. The average in-person visit actually lasts 121 minutes. If you have to deal with several impromptu visits, it means you lose a lot of time. And usually, everything that happens is basic.

Ts a result, the healthcare app needs to be able to save you and the doctors as much time as possible.


The last thing to look for in healthcare apps is access to social features. These enhance your ability to actually commit to healthier habits and treatment plans. Online communities give you access to a space where you can comfortably interact with others who go through similar situations. Having access to a helpful and positive community is necessary.

The social features that you need to look for include the possibility to connect with others and share messages. This can be very helpful when you received some bad news and you want to see what others would do in your situation.

The Best Healthcare Apps For Patients

Now that we discussed what you need to look at when you make your choice, here are some great recommendations you will surely love.

Generis: DNA & Nutrition

This is a truly innovative healthcare app. It is actually powered by your DNA. Generis: DNA & Nutrition is very easy to use and patients love it because it is both useful and aesthetically beautiful.

When you use the app, you receive DNA-based advice, and recommendations for nutrition, food, fitness, and supplements. You will better understand your genes and you will be given accurate, actionable, and safe steps to follow.


This healthcare app will connect you to a doctor at any point of day or night. Video or phone visits are available. As a patient, you can easily and quickly communicate with your doctors so that you can solve the problems you have.

When there is a medical necessity, the doctor can prescribe medication and can connect you with your desired pharmacy. Apple HealthKit is integrated and you can get a very good experience with a diagnosis over the internet.

Better Help

As a mobile healthcare app, Better Help is trailblazing. This is a counseling app that allows you to have easy, inexpensive, and quick access to professionals with mental health experience. Better Help will let you get truly professional help coming from licensed counselors and therapists on the internet.

Individual private care is available through messaging and video chat. As a result, patients are satisfied with therapy sessions because of the in-person approach. You basically get online counseling from people that really know what they are talking about in a space that is completely safe, your home.

At the moment, there are over 3,000 experienced, accredited, and trained counselors that cover several areas, ranging from couples therapy to depression. The mobile healthcare app connects you with the counselor that best fits your needs, the person you will be completely comfortable with.


Just as the name implies, with MDacne you gain access to dermatologists. You do not have to wait months to get to an appointment and in under 5 minutes, treatment can be provided based on your skin. The interface of this app is wonderful and it is very easy to use. Advanced tech will monitor your skin, initiate chats, offer recommendations, and set treatment reminders.

MDacne even offers natural remedies if this is something that you are interested in. All you have to do is answer some skin-related questions, take a photograph, and the app will assess your skin in minutes.


If you use prescription marijuana, Leafly is an app you want to consider. It is very useful for those looking for information related to cannabis. The healthcare app will connect patients with clinics, dispensaries, and doctors. Its purpose is to give you accurate information. The community helps a lot to empower and educate others about many different strains and related topics.


The MySugr app was launched with the purpose of making “diabetes suck less”. It lets you track blood sugar, estimated HbA1c, bolus, and carbs. According to users, the app is very useful. It is capable of logging all data in one place and you get more control over diabetes. A doctor can use the data in MySugr to better treat his patients. You also get to receive feedback and some challenges to help you to better cope with your diabetes.

EyeCare Live

With this app, you can connect with your eye doctor through the smartphone. You should never use the app in the event that you are suffering from a serious condition though. The healthcare app is very good when you experience red eyes, dry eyes, have questions about your glasses or contact lenses, or allergy eyes.

When you sign up, you are connected to an eye doctor. Then, you are asked to send in videos and photos of your affected eyes to record the condition. In just minutes, the doctor can use high definition video to understand what is happening. Then, recommendations are given.


It was very common years ago for physicians to make house calls. Nowadays, they are not so popular. However, due to the pandemic, the Heal app gained popularity since it lets patients avoid potential exposure to viruses.

The only problem is that Heal is just available to some people in America, in a few states. Also, you would need to pay for the visit if you do not have health insurance.

What Can We Expect In The Future?

Healthcare professionals keep looking for new ways in which they can service patients. Since the internet is connecting all of us, it only makes sense that more and more healthcare apps will appear. Apps right now are not perfect but they do offer much more assistance than what was possible some years ago.

What is very important is to understand that healthcare apps cannot completely replace some doctor visits, especially the annual check-ups. However, virtual doctor visits are very useful and they will keep being more and more in demand.