Best Free Racing Games For iOS

By Adrian Cruce

Racing games for iOS have gone a long way in the past few years. Nowadays, thanks to the evolution of mobile technology, we have access to so many wonderful options. There are actually dozens of incredibly good racing games that you can play on iOS devices. Those below have to be seen as being among the best since it is hard to argue with the wonderful appeal that they have and how great they are built.

Disc Drivin’ 2

This might be a surprise for many since the game is practically turn-based and does not feature cars. However, in this game you are fighting other players. You flick discs around courses that are deviously designed and suspended in space. 2 swipes are available every turn and you can use boost power. The idea is to get past the opponent.

If you never played the game it will be pretty weird for you but you should try it since it is really compelling and tense. If you just want to have a lot of fun and you do not mind waiting for someone else’s turn, this unique racing game for iOS will offer free fun for hours.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt is renowned around people that love racing games and the iOS option is definitely one you will love. Asphalt simply does not have to deal with physics, with cars being able to fly at times and practically endlessly drift. Airborne is basically all about speed. It takes you through courses that are inventive and very well rendered, smashing rivals right into walls just because this is a possibility that is available for you. The game will offer hours of entertainment and you do not need to spend a dollar in order to enjoy all that is possible.

Data Wing

Many reviewers highlighted the fact that Data Wing is a game that can only be described as a true bargain. It is a freebie game that is simply very well done on iOS. It looks so incredibly simple when you first look at it since it looks like a regular top-down racer taking you through some minimalist circuits at really high speed. However, racing is just one of the parts of this game.

Gamers quickly realize that Data Wing is different since the AI is deranged, with gravity-battling sections similar to what you saw in Thrust and basically zero ads. You will enjoy the arcade racing experience through a clever narrative.

Pico Rally

Pico Rally is great for those that hate tilt and D-pad controls for iOS games. All that you really have to do in this game is use one button to ride. Everything is quite similar to slot racing as you need to carefully time when it is good to accelerate and when you need to brake in order to improve lap times and scream right round tight bends. Cars can be raced on the entire track so the races are really frenetic. You can go scrapping with cops too or just blaze in roads that are maze-like. There is even a game mode in which you need to catch some rivals that get a really big head-start.

Final Thoughts

These free iOS games are definitely very good choices if you are looking for something that is really good but we are sure that you also have other ideas about the very best free iOS racing games of the moment. Feel free to let us know. Maybe we missed a game or maybe others are going to like what you suggest more.