Best Computers For Music Production

By Dzhingarov

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At the core of any music producer’s arsenal is their computer: both passion and talent combined are necessary, yet sufficient machinery to run your DAW (digital audio workstation) and handle multiple track recordings are crucial components.

Mac Studio

When looking for a computer to run music production software, a powerful machine with enough processing power and RAM will be essential. Standard laptops won’t meet this demand as they lack the resources required for these kinds of programs – not to mention reliable enough for recording or editing music tracks.

For optimal results, we highly suggest purchasing a Mac. They are known for being reliable, running macOS without crashing during edits, but may be expensive depending on your studio size and upgrading needs over time or adding new hardware components. Unfortunately though, they’re not always an economical solution or easy upgradeable unless opting for one of the top models – an unfortunate restriction for musicians looking for new ways to expand their system over time or add components.

If you’re on a tight budget, a PC may be an affordable yet powerful solution. There are various models to consider from ultrathin two-in-one hybrid laptops like Microsoft Surface Studio to high-end gaming PCs such as the Asus Rog Strix Scar that can be customized with processors and RAM to meet individual needs. A solid state drive (SSD) provides faster data transfer rates – ideal for music production!

Dell XPS 13 offers another budget-friendly music production computer option, customizable with different processors and RAM capacities. Aiming for at least 8GB will enable you to run multiple DAW programs or auto-accompaniment software such as Band-in-a-Box without it seizing up, while for even more power check out high-end gaming laptops such as Razer Blade Pro.

An efficient CPU is central to any music production setup, as this serves as the engine that transforms MIDI instruments and plugins into audio data. You could think of it like the brain of your computer; the more advanced its abilities are, the more tasks it can complete simultaneously. Furthermore, investing in ample storage capacity will allow you to keep all your projects safe from harm’s way.


Alongside passion and talent, an effective computer is one of the cornerstones of music production. You need it to run software quickly while providing ample storage for tracks and samples; plus it should be easily upgraded so it can meet ever-evolving requirements. The top computers for music production offer these qualities and more!

If you’re in search of one machine to cover all your music production tasks, the iMac may be your perfect companion. As it comes equipped with everything needed for production right inside its monitor display, no separate keyboard and mouse are required – saving both space and money when creating home recordings! Although more costly than other Mac computers, its investment will certainly pay dividends!

Apple MacBook Airs are great choices if you’re interested in music production. Offering powerful processors and plenty of storage space, plus being lightweight and portable so it can go wherever your creativity leads you, they make for ideal choices when working remotely on music projects. Though not as powerful as desktop computers, laptops remain excellent choices for music producers who need portable solutions.

No longer must a dedicated desktop PC be purchased to undertake serious music production; thanks to advances in technology, laptops such as the 2021 MacBook Air feature an M1 chip that makes them as powerful as desktops; Dell, Lenovo and other manufacturers also have many excellent options available to them.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to selecting the ideal computer for music production; everything depends on personal preferences and desired features. For a MacBook, check out our list of best models; but for something more budget friendly a Windows PC may be your better bet – just ensure it has all of the specs that meet your requirements.

Mac Mini

If you need an easy music production computer that fits seamlessly into any studio environment, look no further than Apple’s Mac mini. Slim yet powerful with plenty of ports available.

It features an adequate processor, ample RAM and ample storage, enough to support most small music production projects. Furthermore, it supports numerous audio software packages as well as connecting to external audio hardware via bluetooth – not cheap but definitely worth considering if you need something powerful but compact to power your music production software.

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro, an extremely slim two-in-one laptop, can take care of all your music production tasks easily. Equipped with top of the line Intel processors and 16GB RAM memory, this premium option can handle anything you throw its way – making it well worth its more costly price.

Alternately, consider getting a specialist audio PC laptop. These powerful machines are purpose built for audio work and can be custom built by companies such as Scan Computers to meet your specifications. Most come equipped with an Intel i7 processor and ample RAM so they can handle whatever music production challenges arise – while remaining more cost effective than Macs (though still expensive).

One disadvantage of this type of laptop is its limited upgradeability; once you’ve settled on a spec, memory or hard drive upgrades cannot easily be changed – an issue which could become especially troublesome if running large music production projects which demand plenty of memory and power.

Macs are ideal for music production as they’re easy to use and feature superior stability. Furthermore, mobile workstations such as MacBook Pros are great options if you’re frequently away from your desk; otherwise a desktop PC could better meet your needs.

Mac Pro

Passion and talent are at the core of music production, but a reliable computer is also indispensable. It needs to be fast enough to run software efficiently while being large enough to store audio files in their entirety. Unfortunately, not all computers are suitable for music production: many less powerful Windows laptops lack the horsepower to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and may experience latency issues when listening back recordings.

Mac computers are specifically tailored for music production and provide the optimal combination of performance, power, and portability – making them the clear choice for most producers. There are, however, other options depending on your unique requirements; processing power (measured in gigahertz (GHz)) should be your main consideration when selecting the ideal computer for music production. A higher GHz processor will perform better for music production tasks.

RAM (random access memory) is also an essential feature. As your working memory, this fills with software files and data as you complete projects. For music production, at least 8GB is recommended; depending on how many programs are running and your audio sample library size you might require more RAM.

Next comes storage. With large audio files to store and fast read/write speeds required for music production, solid state drives offer an ideal option to ensure seamless performance.

As your computer needs evolve, you should carefully consider whether a desktop or laptop would best serve your needs. Laptops offer mobility but tend to be pricier than similarly equipped desktops and upgrade options are less flexible on laptops due to limited RAM or graphics card compatibility compared with desktops – an issue for most musicians unless they are PC enthusiasts!